A new beginning

imagesCA6GNUC7After many months of prayer and waiting for the right time, I have taken a step of faith. I am starting a blog to record my walk with cancer, the journey through a valley of darkness and human fear. A climb up a mountain and the journey from that point on. I have not walked alone, YWHW has been with me every step of the way. At times He has carried me, never left me. This is part of that journey and I know that it is to be shared with others. The prompting of this blog came in the form of a prophetic act in the garden.

I had decided to plant bulbs this year and had purchased a variety of them for the garden. My family and I enjoy a British sitcom “Keeping up the Appearances”. I am referred to as the Hyacinth of the household. I take this with a smile as they are right in many aspects. As a bit of humour I decided to purchase  Hyacinth bulbs and put them in pots that could be displayed around the house and on the decks. I diligently read the instructions and planted the majority of my bulbs, leaving the Hyacinths for last. I ran out of pots after planting four bulbs – did not plan properly. I popped the remaining bulbs (seven of them) on the shelf in the garage with the intent of seeing to them the following weekend. Now as life is, busyness overtook my intentions and I kept on saying “I must plant those bulbs”. I bought pots and put them in the garage too. Intention was there.

I was spending time at the Feet of my Bridegroom and He asked me to plant the bulbs. I was not sure what the intention of this request was, but I felt within my spirit that it was a prophetic act. I obediently went to the garage, found the seven bulbs, the bag of potting mix and the pots. I went to the garden and planted my Hyacinth bulbs. Then went back to my devotions and was fed with the following.

When you plant bulbs you place them in the ground, ground created by God. You anchor them in the foundation of the earth. Likewise we need to be anchored and planted in the Word of God, we need to be like trees planted next to the stream of Living Water. Once planted you gently water the ground, allowing the bulbs to drink to stimulate growth, we need to drink from the new wine, the Living Waters and be healed and filled with life. The most important aspect of growing bulbs is to position them in the warmth of the sun. You need to be positioned in the Light of the Son, you are to be at the feet of the Messiah, the Bright Morningstar. Once that bulb is in the ground you watch and wait, all the time expecting and hoping for the first green shoot. This is faith in action, belief that ALL is possible with our God. Each bulb holds potential that is unseen to the eye of man, yet known intimately by the Father, the same Father  who hopes that we will fulfil the potential that He has given us. We are filled with excitement at the wonder of what is to become, the fragrance of the flowers, the colour and beauty that is growing in the soil. We know what the flowers are like because it has been revealed to us. We have revelations of the glory of the Son and Father from the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth and those revelations are exciting and we wait for the fulfilment of them with joy.

The tiniest bit of green that appears brings joy, the growing is there. These bulbs are now plants that will flower and bloom spreading their fragrance and beauty to the world. We are filled with the Spirit and we have a fragrance and beauty about us that we need to show the world, to bring esteem and glory to our Creator.

You see, in the garage these bulbs still had their potential, they still had the fragrance and beauty within them but they needed to be planted, watered and positioned for growth and reveal. If I had left these bulbs in the garage they would have rotted and they would have been useless. Much like salt that looses its saltiness and is thrown before the swine. Jesus said we are to be the salt of the world. We are all full of potential and God created each of us with so much care to reveal His glory and fragrance to the world. Where are you today? Are you on a shelf in the garage, have you put your calling and gifts away – you have intentions of getting them off the shelf but the busyness of life stops you. Maybe it is time to pick up the Word, position yourself at His Feet and drink the Living Waters.

I have been putting off sharing my journey and walk. I have always found an excuse, I am just very grateful that YWHW is so lovingly-committed to me that He asked me to plant seven Hyacinth bulbs one early winter’s morning. All glory to His name. I will anxiously be awaiting the growth of the bulbs.




2 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Kay Craig

    How wonderful Carolyn that you have taken this step of faith to write what The Lord has directed you to share. Thank you for your encouraging words. I pray that The Lord blesses you abundantly as you do His will. As I read it The Lord brought these scriptures to me to share with you: Isaiah 43:18-21, Isaiah 42:5-9 and Isaiah 42:12-14. Glory to God for all He has done for your life and what He is going to do. All the Praise and Glory to Him. Love from Kay


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