The Journey starts.

Sunday, 13/11/11

Tomorrow is my first radiation session and I am standing on the bottom step of 32 steps ascending into a higher level of worship and prayer. These steps don’t lead into the valley, but out of the valley and up to the mountain. These steps rise up above the cancer and spiritual death that I leave behind in Jesus name. This climb will require of me but I am not climbing alone for YWHW is with me, His staff comforts me and He leads me.

This road is narrow and few find it, is this because many decide to do it alone, to focus on their strength and own ability. Walking a journey of treatment and procedures is not heavy when you allow Yeshua to carry you. Yeshua has already taken the yoke of sickness to the cross, he has already carried that for you. We need to lay down our yoke, own dealings and attempts, this is heavy. It is not easy when you have been given news that the body you trust, look after and cherish has let you down. In reality you have been let down by yourself – that is very HEAVY!

Walking a journey with God can be physically demanding. It depends on how you look at the journey. Think of an off-road track. The road may seem very destructive and you are not sure that the vehicle (your body) is going to make it. When they hang those chemo bags up and they are labelled toxic and marked with caution you sure wonder about what damage it will do! The thing is that YWHW knows you and he loves you and when He is in the driver’s seat and has FULL control of you He will steer you through that road. NOTHING is impossible for the King of Kings. The ride may be bumpy and scary at times but Elohim knows the road and the capabilities of the vehicle, do you trust the Driver? The potholes, soft sand and mud are nothing for Him…you just have to keep your eyes on the road, don’t look back. Just focus ahead and talk to the Driver. Don’t become overwhelmed and grab the steering wheel – that is when it gets messy. If you do and become bogged in, the Father is there waiting to help you out, you may just have delayed your arrival a little but you will get back on track IF you hand back control.

The surprising thing is, that contrary to human thinking, these journeys are RARELY about you. There is a multitude of people involved. There are spectators that watch every bump with bated breath. There are those that encourage and rally for you in prayer, they are the super supporters, worshipping and cheering as God brings you through hurdles that to human eye seems impossible. There are those that are spectating in hope of failure, ever ready to gloat and sneer. Then there are those that are already at the finish line preparing the celebration. Their faith is such that they know God will bring you through and they wait in victory. My dear friend Christa is already celebrating with cupcakes.

There are spectators that don’t have faith at all, they are the precious spectators that tug at the Father’s heart. If but one would turn to Him because of this journey. They shake their heads and can’t understand the trust and faith, each ditch that is approached evokes a mutter of, “any time now”, yet they stand amazed as God gets you over and through deep ruts and holes safely. These spectators are drawn to the journey, drawn in wonder, yet when they try to rationalise happenings wonder if the chemo is not having an affect on your thought process. These are the precious ones, the spectators that the Father heart cries out to. These spectators are the people that need gentle words and seasoned salt. The people that need healing prayer and saving.

It is not about the vehicle, the road or the mud. It is about the spectators and the Driver. Rarely about you…you are part of a much larger picture and that is where the blessing lies, knowing that your journey is simply a track alongside others and that we all have the same destination if we have the same Navigator and Driver. May I guard my words and actions to only bring Him glory on this journey.


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