To do, or not to do?

21/11/11                            DSCN0190

This morning I overslept. I am learning to listen to my body, listening to those moments when you don’t just push through, but you rest. Proactive resting during treatment eradicates any over-tiredness. This morning I am going to have my usual blood tests, pick up some groceries and then come home to rest before radiation. Having blood tests was something I use to dread due to my phobia of needles. Truth be known my little bird nips harder than the needle jab. Strange how we can make ourselves believe that something is going to cause us more pain than it does.

This morning my reading was Jeremiah 4:17-18.

They surrounded Jerusalem like watchmen, surrounding a field, for my people have rebelled against me.’ Says the Lord. ‘Your own actions have brought this upon you. The punishment is a bitter dose of your own medicine. It has pierced you to the heart.’

We make our own choices. God is a fair and righteous Father and He gives us the freedom to choose. God does not want you to follow Him because you fear, He desires your love. You have a choice in everything you do. Shakespeare’s words, “To be or not to be..” can be replaced with, “To do or not to do? That is the question. Is it wiser and Godly to do what I am thinking or do I need to lay my desires and will down and choose the other option?” YHWH is a Father and He wants us to choose righteous ways, ways that please Him and bring Him glory.

Parents around the world are the same. They desire their offspring to do well in life, to make good choices and live a fulfilling and happy life. Parents want to be proud of their kids, they love them unconditionally. Abba Father is no different. He has a plan for your life that He desires you to follow, He loves you unconditionally and just like a good parent He will not force you to do something, He give you a choice. People will often question God’s love when things go wrong, “How can you say He is a God of love? A God that loves would not allow this to happen.”

The truth of the matter is that God, YHWH, is sovereign and the things that He allows to come across your path are for the good of others and yourself. Don’t confuse making a bad choice as something being allowed to cross your path. Getting blind drunk, driving home and ending up in a sorry mess was YOUR choice.

Teenagers are known for making bad choices. They don’t always take the extra minute to think things through, to consider consequences of the action. They act and then think. We raise our children in prayer, hours of input, but they still make their own choices. They choose to follow instruction and guidance or to walk their own way. Many of us still do this as adults. To do or not to do?

When our daughters were teens and they made a bad choice we were always there to pick up the pieces, but they needed to live with the consequences. There is a frying pan advert on television in Australia, where the older lady is hanging up the frying pans. The catch phrase is that some decisions you make are good. She has a tattoo on her arm that has become saggy and flabby due to age – she made a choice and has the consequences for life. I am not bagging tattoos, it just makes one think. The upside is that we serve a forgiving Father and He removes the stains of sin and bad choices from our lives with the blood of His Son, Jesus.

A choice is something that only you can make. You put your hand out and do something, you decide to do something and your will reacts on that. When you let others choose for you, you have made a choice to allow them to chose what their choice is for you (You may need to reread that slowly). Everything you do is a choice you have made, “To do?” OR “Not to do?”. For every choice you make there is a consequence, an outcome.

As a believer you have the prompting of the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth, but STILL you HAVE a choice of following or turning aside. So when you get up in the morning you have a choice to make, to gripe about the day OR to thank the Lord that you are alive. That you have had somewhere to sleep, somewhere their is someone that would love to live your lifestyle, to be able to wake up alive and well. There is always someone worse off than you are. The saying of ‘I was moaning about my shoes when I met a person with no feet’ brings me to Earth every time. We serve a Father that wants us to succeed, wants us to live a full life, He wants to bless you and desires your company. This is so cool!!

My favourite verse is John 14:23 because it holds so many wonderful promises. It is about loving and obey – both are choices. If you have already made a choice to follow Jesus, to accept Him as the Way, the Truth and the Light, then you have made all the right choices. He dwells IN you, and makes choices with you. Therefore all the choices you make will be made out of love and obedience to Him and that is fulfilling the will of God. That is a heart that is pleasing to YHWH, that will bring favour from Abba Father. He will be proud of you, smile upon you and ….. wow! I am getting super excited as I type this. The choice you have to make is to die to yourself, your desires and will – to seek His will and purpose for your life. You do this by talking to Him, just let it out and talk to Him (He already knows your heart, but wants you to lay down yourself). When you do this you become alive in Christ and the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth can guide you with discernment and reveal to you the mysteries of Heaven. You are able to choose what is righteous, good and holy through the power of Christ in Whom we can do all things.

What a revelation. I pray that Abba Father, will see my heart and know that I desire to fulfil the plan He has for me. A plan that is good and full of peace, a plan for my future. That I may seek Him and that He will listen to me and use me to bring Him esteem and glory. Amen

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