Ask for Springs of Water

DSCN0155          24/11/11

Chemo 2 was much easier to get through and it seems that my arm is not going to bruise this time. The chemotherapy makes your veins smaller and also makes you bruise easier, so the compression plaster that they put on your arm can cause bruising. If they are not gentle with the cannula it can cause bruising too. I prayed earnestly before the treatment asking God that they would find a vein the first attempt. I looked away and pumped my fist, praying under my breath all the time. The sister found a vein first time and the procedure was effortless – this is seriously the worst part of the treatment.

Last night it rained and this morning everything glistens and sparkles. Everything has been refreshed and watered by YHWH. The sky is still grey and hopefully there will be some more rain. The coolness of the morning is so refreshing, the smell of the wet forest below our home is clean. The Whip Birds and Kookaburras are very active today and their calls reverberate around the forest and estate – their worship and praise. It is such a blessing to live in this corner of Brisbane. Last night I spotted a Koala in the forest area, he was just chilling at the top of the tree looking down on the world – so amazing.

This morning I read Joshua 15:17-19. In this reading Joshua is instructed by God to give Caleb land. Caleb is given the land and the first thing he does is to drive out the Anakites. He promises his daughters hand in marriage to the man that could capture a town by driving out the residents. He is cleaning out, I mean the land not his house 🙂

Enter Othniel. Othniel is a man desired to serve God, he had a passion to honour and glorify God. He cleans out the residents of the land allotted Caleb and in doing so is given Acsah’s hand in marriage.  Acsah approaches Caleb and asks him to give her springs of water. Caleb agrees and he gives her the springs of water, in fact he gave her two springs. It reminded me of the time that Jesus tells us that God is a generous and loving Father and just like our earthly fathers would not refuse us when we are in need so God will not refuse us either. Acsah asks for a spring and Caleb gives her two – a double blessing.

Othniel continually cleaned out, ridding the land of false gods and religion. Ridding the land of possible temptations that could lead the nation of Israel astray. Othniel was a vessel in the hand of the Master. In Judges 3 we read how the Spirit of the Lord came upon Othniel and he became a judge. God raised Othniel up to rescue the Israelites from captivity.

Othniel had the favour of the Lord, not just His favour, but His Spirit upon him. How? He was obedient, did not compromise – it was cleared out or needed clearing out, nothing was swept under the rug or hidden in the cupboard. He drove out evil so that the Israelites would remain obedient and faithful. Othniel was available to YHWH, he was confident in his calling and value as a child of the Living King.

The clearing out and making clean is prominent. Acsah asks for springs of water, this would have been to irrigate and clean. Othniel continually cleans, drives out and clears to ensure obedience. In John 14:23 we are reminded that if we love Him, we WILL obey Him (Yeshua) then the Father will love us and make His home with us. It is very evident that Othniel knew the Lord.

We need to clear out our skeletons and air the cupboards. This does not mean hanging dirty washing out in public. It means going down into your cupboards, spiritually and physical cupboards and clearing them out. There may be things that you are hiding or holding onto that cause you to stumble. It is time to get rid of the temptations, the distractions and give them to the Lord in prayer. We need to stop the compromise, it will not do us any harm, nobody knows – umm… Father knows.

We use to have Alpacas in New Zealand and I once explained compromise to my daughters using the following analogy. If I bake some choc chip cookies and gather some Alpaca poop (looks like rabbit droppings), make a specific cookie using the poop, bake it on the same tray as the other cookies would they eat the cookies? The were not amused and in no uncertain terms said no. When asked why they told me that the poop cookie (Alpaca cookie) was on the same tray and in the same oven and that would ruin the whole batch. Cool, they understood compromise. One lie leads to another, one thing leads to another, a thought leads to a deed.

Let the reign of the Lord gently water you, He leads you to springs of water where you are refreshed by the renewing of your mind. Dance in freedom, splashing in His love. When it rains I get excited because the water cycle is not added to, the same water that God put into the cycle is still going around – so the raindrops that fall may have been drops of water that touched my Saviour, washed His feet….

Father, give me springs of water that will wash me clean, show me the spots in my life that need removing so that I may be free to drink the Living Water. Free to worship you and to feel your warmth and love. Help me to unpack and throw away things in the cupboards of my life that would distract and cause me to disobey. The more I empty, the more room for You. Come Lord Jesus, the Spirit and the Bride are waiting.



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