Be Blessed

25/11/11                                               imagesCA2AJJQ1

I had a weird day yesterday. I felt flat, not down, just flat. I was warned about this but did not believe it happens. You listen to someone’s story and don’t even smile, not being impolite or disinterested – just too much effort to gather the energy to respond with the right emotion. Just flat. It is not self-pity, really strange feeling and hard to express to others, just flat like a tyre that has lost its air. The car still functions but there is a wobble and so that you don’t damage the rim you must stop – FLAT. I can imagine that if you are not in a good spiritual or mental state this can be dangerous as fighting cancer is a mental battle as well as physical and all the chemicals that they pump into you are not helpful. I am so very grateful that I have hope and a Saviour that is carrying me through these dark times. Praise His name.

Micah 7 – Various verses

7a. As for me I look to the Lord for His help. I wait confidently for YHWH to save me and my God will certainly hear me.

9b. The Lord will bring me out of my darkness into the light. And I will see the righteousness.

10. The my enemies will see the Lord is on my side.

15. ‘Yes’ says the Lord, “I will do mighty miracles for you, like those I did when I rescued you from slavery in Egypt.” (16) All the nations of the world will stand amazed at what the Lord will do for you. They will stand in awe. (17b) “They will come to meet the Lord, your God…”

God will use things in our lives to show His mercy t bring Him honour and glory. Turning curses into blessings – reversing events and making them a prophecy of His glory, His might. This happens when your heart is right and righteous. For you to see the blessing in something that appears to be a ‘curse’ you must look to Father God, you must call out to Him and be dependent on His mercy and grace. Ask YHWH to carry you because you can’t do it in your own strength – humility. You ask and then wait CONFIDENTLY for His mercy – v. 7.

Verse 18-20 speaks of the Father’s love and compassion. YHWH remains the same, He is true to His Word, promises and we can have faith and hope in the TRUTH, we can be confident in Him.

For God  to bless us, we have to want the blessing. There has to be a seeking (seek and ye shall find), a waiting and a recognition upon receiving. Verse 9 speaks of coming out of the darkness into the light so that His righteousness may be seen. When you are going through a trial, it may seem dark, it may not be pleasant but you need to hold on to His Word and promises. You need to call out to Him and depend upon His mercy and grace, for in the morning the dancing comes. Even though I am spiritually strong, I still feel humanly in the dark but I hold on to the promise the I will be healed and that no part of my body will be removed – I claim that confidently in the spirit and ask that I may be blessed by my Abba Father. This is the victory and in the victory is the blessing bringing esteem and glory to the King.

Your blessings don’t stop with you though, what God does for you becomes a testimony – like this blog – to His glory. As you bear witness His glory is proclaimed throughout the Earth and His glory is revealed to the nations (verse 15). The glory brings light, because the glory is Light. The spectators that have been watching you go through the trial, those that are cynical are embarrassed at their taunts of disbelief (verse 10). They will not admit it but they are gobsmacked ( I like to respectfully use God-smacked) into belief. Verse 17 talks about people coming out to meet the Lord our God. They will greatly fear Him for the Light reveals His majesty and glory and wonder. AMEN!!!

It gets even better. Not only does Father use the ‘curse’  or trial to strengthen you and purify you (Refiner’s Fire), but He pardons those with unbelief and forgives them, they become HIs and they will bring Him glory. This miracle that touched their lives reveals even more glory in the miracle of their own lives. The love that is revealed to them by the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth, spreads to spectators that watched them and see the change. Love makes the world go round! What an Awesome God we serve.

However, we must remain humble and guard against pride. Jesus Culture sings a song that remind us of this, that when it is going well with us, we will still give Him the crowns and glory. You can do nothing in your own strength for the Kingdom, then it is your will and not His will. Even Jesus prayed asking that it be the Father’s will,  not His own! Only the Maker can fill you and use you for Godly purposes. These blogs are not mine, but His. The experiences I went through were mine, and in relationship to my Saviour it was a personal walk, but with spectators. The words are His words, I am but the funnel through which they flow. The healing and glory belong to Him – I did not heal myself, it was Jesus. Thank you Jesus for your healing powers, spiritual and physical.

In Philippians 2:13 we read, ‘For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey Him  and the power to do what pleases HIM’

Philippians 3:3b we read, ‘We put NO confidence in human effort. Instead we boast about what Jesus Christ has done for us.’

Philippians 4:13 reads, ‘For I can do everything with the help of Jesus who gives me the strength I need.’

To Him be all the glory, honour and power forever. Lord Jesus, let me be like a puppet, walking where You lead me, using my hands for Your will and speaking words of Truth that reveal Your light and glory to others. Amen.

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