My yoke is light – don’t make it heavy. Part 1



Yesterday was a great day, we pottered around oiling the decks. It was so good to be outside with Hubby, working alongside him in the fresh air. To sit back and see the freshly oiled decks and know that you had a small hand in the work was satisfying. Yet, even this little bit made the job complete.

This is much like our walk with Jesus. Jesus doesn’t expect us to do the really heavy stuff. In Matthew 11: 28-30 we read that Jesus’ yoke is light for He is humble and compassionate. Read the verses carefully, it is light and fits perfectly. This implies that it is not too big or heavy for you. It is individually sized to fit – it fits perfectly, made for you and because it fits perfectly, like a beautifully designed piece of clothing – it brings glory to the Creator. A yoke that is crafted from wood, a yoke that is made out of love to strengthen you, grow you and lead you on the road, by the Master’s way.

The burden you may have is light. ‘NO WAY!’ you groan as the details of your burden run through your mind. This is not light, it is crushing and soul destroying – how would you know what I’m going through? There is no way that this is light, talk about inconvenient too, why do I have such a burden? If you are thinking that I don’t know what I am talking about, remember I am on a cancer journey and it is a burden, but the yoke of mercy and grace is light 🙂

I can’t answer these questions, but I would like to ask you one. “Who is carrying the burden?” Are you relying on your own strength, have you taken on an attitude of ‘it is my problem’ and shut all help out? It might be that you are dragging it along and when you drag things along they pick up dirt and rubbish and this adds to the load.

Are you making the burden heavier than what it is? Moaning and groaning about it and dragging it around wherever you go. Remember that there are spectators, people that are alongside you, that are praying for you. They are walking in faith for your healing, for an outcome. I am reminded of the healing of the lame man, his friends lowering him before the feet of Jesus. Jesus looked up and saw the faith in their eyes, he told the man that the faith of his friends had healed him. This man had to still get up and walk – his own faith, but the faith of his friends! If that man had squirmed and fought and protested all the way through the roof lowering then I wonder if he would have walked. Those around you can’t carry your burden, but they carry you in prayer and love. Are you burdening them, dragging their faith down as you look to yourself for an outcome? Remember that you are fitted with a yoke, made with love and for His glory. Maybe there is a lot of soul-searching and honest answers you need to give yourself.

Who am I? What do I know? I know what it feels like to have the wind taken out of my sails, to be knocked down. Your world blurring into a mush of fear and questions. Anxiety that grips you so tight it hurts physically and your thoughts are sent into panic. Hope does not exist in those moments. My burden was very heavy and it was only when I submitted it to God, called on His name and asked for ‘Springs of water’ that I could see where to position myself.

I don’t know what you are carrying, I have no idea what you must be feeling – and I guarantee it is not pleasant. I am not going to pretend that I know or can feel what you are going through right now, it is your burden – not mine. I am not being unsympathetic, no, realistic. The most encouraging words are not, “I’m so sorry..” What for??? ‘You’ll be alright..” You think so???? or “I had a friend..” I hated that one ! The encouragement was, “You look great.” “How are you?” then really listening – quietly. ‘We are praying for you’ – don’t say that if you’re not! The best one is “Thinking of you and praising God for victory!’ I loved this because it spoke positive words and a prophecy.

The truth of the matter is that not even your soulmate really knows what you are going through. Family and friends experience your burden differently, it is after all your burden and it does affect them, but on a different level. I think that sometimes it is harder for loved ones because the burden bearer makes it harder. Your attitude determines the weight, drag and resistance of the burden.

When Jesus said that His yoke fits perfectly and is light. This is important, Jesus gives you His yoke to move the burden. A yoke is used to help oxen pull the load. If the yoke was not made properly then it would hurt the oxen, they would not be able to pull the load/burden that they were intended to move. Jesus gives you His yoke to help you move the burden. He is giving you His love, grace, mercy and help to aid you, it is light – don’t make it heavy.

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