My yoke is light – Don’t make it heavy. Part 2



Jesus tells us that His yoke is light. His rules and laws that He established as a Rabbi were not complicated and difficult. They were to love God with all your heart, mind and being. To love others as you love yourself. The difficult part is to lay down yourself to love others. To lay down your will to fulfil the will of the Father, no matter what that may be.

So why is my burden so heavy? Why is it not light? Do a checklist prayerfully and this may reveal some truths.

1. Why is my burden heavy?

* Am I carrying it in my own strength?

* Does it consume your every waking minute and I can’t focus on anything else?

* What burden?

2. Are you letting your burdens become burdensome to others?

* I don’t talk about it much, it just always seems to come up in conversations, all the time.

* Well, if people don’t want to know they would not ask – that is why they asked how I was!

*  Hey, I am going through something! Get off my back!!

The reason Jesus tells us that His yoke is light is because He has carried it for us. He has paid the price and shoulders it with us. Amen. With the Father’s love you pull your burden. You move in faith with hope and at all times let your words bring Him glory. You move the burden under His yoke of love. As you move you witness of His mercy, you encourage others to keep hope, you speak blessings and through these actions you build the faith of those praying for you. Those that bring you through the roof to the feet of the Saviour in faith. They see their prayers answered and witness God in action and can celebrate with you in victory.

My cancer was not about me, poor little me. No! This is about God’s glory and His healing power, His answer to the prayers of others, His mighty acts of mercy and supreme majesty. It is about the power released in the broken body of Christ on the cross. The selfless act of a Saviour to bring physical and spiritual healing to those that will receive in faith. Cancer is a burden, but with the perfect yoke of Jesus I am able to carry it – not drag it, carry it in grace. Could I have become angry and blamed God? Yes, I could moan and groan. I could burden my lovely family with self-pity, anger and bitterness. I could wallow in self-pity to the verge of depression, this would not help me – in fact it would be damaging and I believe I would become really sick. You have a choice to make, whose yoke are you wearing?

If it was not for the yoke of Jesus, this journey would be very hard and I seriously don’t think that I would have managed it like I am. To wear this yoke I have had to make adjustments to my attitude, thinking and walk – lay down my yoke and take on the yoke of the Lord. Jesus tells us that if we are heavy burdened we can go to Him for rest. He will not remove your burden, but will put His yoke on your shoulders and His yoke is light and easy. Pray that you do not come under the burden, but that you put on the yoke of Jesus and ask for Springs of Water. Then the blessings rain down.

Blessings does not even begin to describe what I have experienced. The difficult treatments and human discomfort pales into tiny bumps in the road compared to the awesomeness of God’s blessings and provision. To those that are cynically thinking that I have chemo-brain, I wish to assure you that I don’t. I have experienced pain, despair and denial, but I have learnt to allow Jesus’ Spirit to renew my mind, spirit and body.

God spoke things into being and you need to stop speaking thing that are negative into your life. You need to start speaking the Truth and Life over yourself and your circumstances. Praising YHWH for the things that are good in your life – look and you will find them. Watch your words, watch your thoughts – guard your heart and mind. Focus on the glory of God around you. Be humble that He is lovingly-committed to you. Praise and worship Him through the darkest times and His light will bring renewal and encouragement.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28, ‘Come to me all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.’ Not only will He give you a light and easy yoke, but rest!! How can you not want to respond to this? How can you not want to run to His feet and lay it all down, plus yourself and receive from Him – Springs of Water. You are invited to have a perfect yoke fitted, handmade in love to make your burdens light. He wants to be part of the team that pulls your burden so that you will have access to all that Heaven holds, all the spiritual backing and warfare as you go through the Refiner’s Fire. We are to turn negatives into positive to bring Him glory. Victory!

Does this mean that we stop consultations, treatments or appointments? Ask the Father. The author Charles Capp once wrote that sometimes our sickness gets a head start on our faith. Remember that there are spectators that are watching and you are part of a bigger picture. I often tell children that if they are going through something hard or dark, they may be holding a piece of a puzzle that will make the centre of a sunflower – they can’t see the beauty of the picture, only the puzzle piece that they are holding. God sees the whole picture and He knows how beautiful this piece is in His plan.

Pray persistently and in faith, exalting His name. This will bring an increase in faith and joy, it will lighten your burden and cause darkness to flee as the Light of a new day dawns. Jesus, may my words bring you glory, even in the darkest moments of this journey may Your praises be on my lips. There is joy in the morning, I trade my sorrow for joy. Praise You my King, my Healer and Bridegroom. Amen.




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