Whose strength do you walk in?

76Philippians 3: 3, 8, 9            untitled

3. “For we worship God in spirit. We put no confidence in human effort, instead we boast about what Christ Jesus has done for us.”

If Gideon trusted his own ability to go to war, he would not have experienced the same victory. He would not have had the confidence that three hundred men could crush a vast army, but by the power of YHWH he knew – in faith he realised the Israelite army was ONE with the Lord of the Universe.

So why is it then that we falter and hesitate at being victorious in our spiritual lives? Is it because we look to our own strength, or do we not have enough faith in the strength of the King? Where or who do we put our faith and confidence in?

Philippians 2:13 says, “For YHWH is working IN you, giving you the DESIRE to OBEY Him and the POWER to do what PLEASES HIM.”

Let’s unpack John 14:23. This verse was the turning point in my realisation of who I truly am in Jesus, my position as a daughter of the Living God. I believe that if you grasp this verse your viewpoint and purpose of life changes. It is a verse I have made my classes memorise over the years, praying that the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth will reveal to others the treasure of this verse.

Yeshua answered him, “If anyone LOVES Me, he shall guard My Word (obey). And My Father SHALL LOVE him and WE (YHWH, YESHUA, SET-APART SPIRIT OF TRUTH) shall COME and make OUR STAY WITH him.”

This verse is so powerful and full of promise. It humbles me every time I think about it. It means that if we love Jesus we will obey Him (guard His Word) – this will not be natural but we will desire to do His will. If you refer back to Philippians 2:13, we read that YHWH will give us the desire and strength/power to obey Him and do what pleases Him. When you put these two verses together they become a powerhouse! Then I get really excited!! If we love and obey Yeshua, then God will love us. John 15:9, “As the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you. Stay in My love.” The next part of John 14:23 really makes my head spin. “….and We, shall come and make our stay(home) with you.” That is awesome. It means that if my relationship with Yeshua is right, the favour of God will be upon me. Not only that, but the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will COME to me and make Their stay/home with me. Now when you are thinking of moving you look at a house, it is not your home yet, not somewhere you stay. When you move into that house and unpack your stuff then it becomes a home, you take possession of it, you fill it with your belongings. Reread that please, I have made it bold so it is easier. So, if They are coming to stay within you, it means that the glory of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit will fill you, you will have blessings upon you, you will have power and strength, you will have the desire to do what pleases Him. Get it? Philippians 2:13, “Greater is He that is within me (staying in me) than he that is in the World.” Paul understood this principle, he got it.

It is a revelation and for those that already have this sight, may the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth refresh you and renew this revelation. To those who are going to be reading this and letting it sink in, may the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth bring you revelation. John 14:30, Jesus refers to satan and tells us that he has NO power over Him (Jesus), therefore if you are the home for Jesus, satan has NO power over you – you have overcome, your are a new being – a new home. This means that if Jesus is in me and with me, then I am filled with His power and this is where my strength comes from. When you open yourself to being a home, it means that you give up the rooms of your life to allow the new residents to move in. Do you still have rooms that you are shutting the Lord out of? Jesus requires that we love Him with an undivided heart, the chambers of your heart must be open and you must let the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth reveal to you things that you need to lay at the cross, spring clean.

If we read John 15: 7-16, you will see that Jesus mentions remaining in Him 3 times. Three is a Biblical number that signifies completeness, fullness.

V7: “Stay joined to me – My Words remain in you.” Guarding the Word.

V9: “Remain in My love.” Love Me (Yeshua).

V10: “When you obey Me, you remain in My love.” If you love Jesus, you will obey Him (John 14:23).

V14: “You are My friends if you obey Me.”

V16: “You didn’t choose Me, I chose you. I appointed you.”

Ephesians 1:6, “So we praise God for the wonderful kindness He has poured out on us, because we belong to His dearly beloved Son.”

Without Jesus we can do nothing, we can’t make a stand or take a stand, BUT with Jesus there is power and we have confidence/faith. We must not doubt this, we must be confident and trust. Jesus tells us that we will receive if we ask in His name – we are given the desire and power to please Him. When you love someone you do not ask for selfish things, you want to please the person you love and you ask for things that will bring honour, respect and edification. Likewise, when you ask Jesus for things these requests done in His name will not be selfish or self-edifying. The Set-Apart Spirit of Truth will intercede for you and your prayers will be less self-centred and more Christ-centred. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added.” This is not a maybe or human catch phrase – this is real.

After Jesus tells us that we will be given whatever we ask for in His name, His next words are “I command you to love each other.” Strange how we sometimes pick a verse that is applicable, but the verse above or below is often not read. The verse above being told that God will give you are, “I appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last.” Nowhere in these verses do I find anything about asking for and keeping it all to myself or bringing glory to myself.

This message reminds me that it is not what goes wrong in life, cancer, death of a loved one or losing something close. It is where we put our faith and where we draw our strength from. There is no promise that we are not going to face bad things in life. Life happens, but it is that spiritual life that we need to make sure does not become battered and weak. We need to ensure that when the chips are down our praise and hands are up in worship, that we are guarding the Word, loving like we have never loved before, bringing glory to Him from Whom our strength comes. It is knowing that He that is in you IS more powerful than he that is in the World, that you have been chosen and you need to walk like a chosen one – not blaming and griping about what went wrong, but encouraging others through your faith and trust. Sure, there are moments when we just sit and cry, feel alone and scared – BUT where do you turn to in those times? We serve an AWESOME God and I know that when the tough gets going, the Word is guarded. Graham Cooke on his Devotional Soaking CD, prophesied that we often miss out because we call God into situations and circumstances instead of walking always with Him, He is at home after all – is He not?




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