Reaping what you sow.


The Cockatoos are up to mischief this morning. They are doing lots of shrieking and shouting. I love these birds and every time I see one I feel so very blessed. The are truly majestic and amazing. They praise God so loudly, yet it is so beautiful to see them flying across the sky. The other birds carry on with their own song, not put off by the Cockatoos – just doing what God created them to do.

We can learn so much from nature. God has created each one of us for a purpose. That purpose is to grow His Kingdom, to praise His name and to adore His Son. You may be like a Cockatoo preacher or a Honey Bird that pollinates the world with the Word. We all have a very important part to play in the Kingdom.

In Mark 4:26-29 Jesus tells the disciples that the Kingdom grows by faith. A farmer sows seeds into the ground and then goes off to tend to other things. He has faith that the seeds will germinate and grow to be what they should be. When he comes to check on the field he finds a crop has started to grow. What he planted has sprouted and develops into mature plants. He did not get a surprise when he saw his fields, he expected growth. He did not find that he had grown a different crop to what he had planted. No the farmer grows what he planted and when it is ready for harvest he brings it into his store.

What do you sow? How do you sow? Where do you sow? The answers to these questions will define what you harvest. There is a parable of the farmer that sows seed and it falls onto different ground, that same seed is sown with the same potential to grow into the same plant that will bear fruit. The difference is where the roots are grounded, what soil the seed lands on. We so often focus on the seed in this parable, but you have to ask yourself, what is the soil of my heart like?

Can a seed grow in faith in your heart or will it not find place to root, because your heart is hardened and stubborn. Is the heart able to be penetrated and soften? Seeds take root quickly in soft, humble soil that is positioned in the Son.

Your thoughts are seeds and it is important that you are careful with what you plant in your heart. If you speak negative thoughts and ideas, your seeds will yield a negative crop, even destruct a harvest. Speaking words of truth and hope yield a positive crop that can feed many. This is not mind over matter, new age talk, this is the truth.. We have a mind that is very powerful and what your mind believes fuels your actions, thoughts and you. If you have faith, then you act faithfully. When satan wished to prove to God that Job only obeyed Him because of the blessings, YHWH allows satan to touch Job and his belongings BUT NOT HIS MIND. Why? This is because the mind is so powerful.

We speak failure before we even fail, we put ourselves down before we even try to get up. What do you feed your mind? What are you allowing your mind to think about, ponder on or believe? Do you listen to the lies of satan or allow ungodly advise to make your decisions? John 14:23 should be ringing in your ears right now! Your mind feeds your heart and actions, this means you need to GUARD your mind and the best way to do that is to meditate on the Word of the Lord, to GUARD His Word, to put on the armour of God, to believe in John 14:23 and claim it as truth so that you will live it.

Ezekiel 3:1-6 is a powerful piece of scripture. God commands Ezekiel to EAT the scroll that God gives him (His Word) so that it is within Ezekiel. We need to eat the Word of God, the Bread of Life. When you eat something it is chewed over, then digested and becomes part of the blood, it feeds the body and nourishes the mind. When we take the Word and eat it, it becomes part of our being, part of whom we are and brings about an intimacy with YHWH. We will come to understand the plan and purpose that God has for our lives. (Mark 4:25). When we were young our parents and teacher would always tell us not to play with our food – don’t muck around with the Word of God.

When you feed your body wholesome food, we are healthy. When you eat lots of unwholesome food you are uncomfortable, sluggish and not in the best shape. The same applies to feeding your mind with things that are good, wholesome and true.

Ephesians 3: 17, “And I pray that Jesus Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in Him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvellous love.”

Galatians 6:9 “So don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t be discouraged and give up for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.”

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