Present tense, not past


Reading Psalm 98

We dwell in the past, thanking YHWH over and over again. YHWH desires a new song, move on – move forward. We tend to move in circles and miss new blessings because we are chasing our tails. We need to focus on what Abba Father, desires of us and for us NOW. The past has been, it is over – gone. God IS, not has been. When YHWH spoke to Moses, He said, I AM (Exodus 4:14). This teaches us that we serve a Living God, a Father that walks with us NOW – He IS. Lot’s family were warned not to look back. Not to linger in the past, but to move forward into the blessings and the plan that had been set-aside for them. We serve a Father that knows the big picture, everything has already been prepared. He IS, not I will be. YHWH is holy and righteous, the King of all things seen and unseen.

A price has been paid for your salvation and redemption. You have been chosen and set-apart by the blood that Yeshua shed, this price has been paid and you are redeemed. You just need to walk into this place of salvation it IS done. The Holy of Holies IS available to you, you just need to enter into worship and come into His presence. Sit at His feet. There is no need to bring an animal to sacrifice for the atonement of sin, IT IS DONE.

If you have experienced a miracle in your life, a healing or a mountain that was moved it is a victory. Do you remember this victory and move forward in His glory, or do you stay in the moment of the victory and stagnate? The past has passed us by, we can’t live there, it can’t be changed and can’t be relived. We need to focus on now, we need to be walking in victory with Yeshua. Victory in our lives should change us and strengthen us, making us strong funnels for His esteem and purpose. We are equipped to move forward in Him, through Christ we can do ALL things. We need a new perspective.

If you drive and keep looking in the rearview mirror you are going to get yourself and others in a heap of trouble. We focus on the road ahead and use our review mirrors to check only. We can use our past experiences and victories to remind us of His mercy and love for us, but not to fixate on them and never look ahead. We need to be seeking what it IS that God has in store for us, what we need to step into that has already been done.

Ask the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth to give us a new perspective, a now perspective. Nature is God’s creation and it speaks to us of His creative nature. If you water a dying tree it will grow new shoots, it brings about new life. After a little pruning and feeding it can even bear fruit. We are the same, we need to show new growth, we need to allow the Spirit to prune us and we need to feed from the Word and drink from the Streams of Living Water. Then we will produce fruit of the Spirit. We can’t harp on what were, what we have achieved. We live in the NOW and if we proclaim that we are filled with Yeshua (John 14:23) then we can’t live in the past because HE IS.

We need to become relevant and fruitful, we are redeemed and forgiven. Don’t hold on to what you have done in the past – don’t let satan lie to you and call you unworthy because of what you did. Jesus IS alive and it IS done – walk in faith. Let things go, move on. Release old grudges – you may still hold onto them, but the other person or persons have forgotten about the incident. MOVE ON, if you find it difficult remember what Jesus did so that you can walk with Him and be with Him. Thankfully He does not hold grudges!!!

I AM reigns in you, not I was. You ARE His chosen one, not a has-been. I often think we must frustrate our Father because we ask for things and then spend time fixating on how we got them that we become distracted and don’t use the blessing for His glory and purpose. I am not suggesting that we say thank you and forget, but that we thank Him with a new song and use the blessings to worship Him.

I am so very grateful for my healing and I pray that He will use this victory to bring Him honour and glory. That I will be a funnel in His hands, obedient and with an undivided heart. Not focusing on the past, but looking to the future where my hope IS in Him.

YHWH IS, this very minute He IS and we need to be there. You have a choice to say “I am here Father, at Your feet, in Your presence.” Where are you really? What are you dwelling on? What is hindering you from moving forward? Nature brings glory to YHWH every day. New seeds are germinating and sprouting, bringing new life as the rain nourishes and the sun shines. Are you growing more and more in love with Abba Father? Do you depend more and more on Him as you lay yourself aside? God is now, I AM and a very present presence – where are you? Off in the future, waiting for something that may never happen? Worried about what has happened, holding onto grudges and unforgiveness (of yourself and others)? Where are you focusing? YHWH is now – present.




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