I woke up this morning with a hunger in my stomach, what a way to wake up. It means that the food consumed the previous evening has digested and become part of the blood system, feeding the whole body. I began thinking about being hungry and thirsty for Jesus.

Jesus talks about human functions, relating them to spiritual ones. “All who are thirsty; Eat of the Bread of Life.” This means that we should be spiritually hungry. This implies that we eat, digest, use and need topping up. We need to feed but not become obese. We are to use this food to energize our spirits to complete the work that He has planned for us. A healthy breakfast with good portions of Bible reading with a side serve of praise and worship and a good dollop of prayer will sustain you, until you top up with fellowship and prayer, a song of worship and a moment of wonderment throughout the day. You use the joyful energy to keep yourself in spiritual form and fit.

If you spend the day on the couch with the Word, you will become spiritual obese. God intended His people to spread the Word, to shine their light – not hide it in the lounge. We are not to hoard the blessings and keep revelations to ourselves. Yeshua commanded His disciples to , “Go therefore into the nations and make disciples.” He did not say, “You sit in your comfy chair and keep the love that I have for you to yourself, a secret.” He told us to do the opposite, to proclaim His love from the mountain top to bring esteem to the Father – not a passive action.

We are called, we have been chosen and set-apart to be ambassadors for Yeshua. When you shoulder your cross, sacrificing yourself and will, you allow Him to strengthen you. We need to feed ourselves a healthy diet, a diet of righteousness and good nutrition. When we feed the body there is only one way, through the mouth. It is what you put into your mouth that will determine the shape and health of your body (physical). It is also what we speak from within that determines the well-being of our physical being. We are wonderfully created by a loving Father, He knit us together in our mother’s womb in the secret place. When I consider the cells, DNA and awesome way that we are each individually and uniquely created… wow…it makes me realise what an almighty and loving Father we serve.

When we feed our minds it is through our vision, hearing and smell. The eyes are the windows of the soul, what view do your eyes allow your mind to see? What reading material be it computer or written do you allow your mind to see? Hearing is the other opening to your mind – what do you listen to? Whom do you listen to? Do you hear your Father and His love songs to you? Guard you mind and watch carefully whom you allow to formulate your dreams and thoughts – only a lovingly-committed Father has your best interests at heart. Do you entertain negative self-talk or do you focus on positive mindsets. You are what you think you are – what do you see and hear that feeds this belief? The Father does NOT create junk, you are wonderfully and fearfully created for His purpose. He did not create us to pollute our minds with earthly beliefs. Do you have a healthy mind that is being fed by His Word, do you hear His voice and sing His praise and worship. Read John 17, the most beautiful love letter to those that believe Yeshua is Lord and Saviour.

We need to come before our King daily and ask for our daily bread. Jesus said that man can’t live by bread alone. He was referring to the fact that we need to feed the physical and the spiritual. We are 3D being, body, spirit and mind. When you read the Word, you need to chew it over, digest it and make it part of your being. Praying in the spirit and breaking bread. Faith in Yeshua and knowing that you are set-apart for Him, this is your daily bread.

If you physically eat and never move you will put on extra weight and this can cause problems for you. The same will occur if you consume spiritually without getting out there and moving in the Spirit. This might be contrary to belief, but if you don’t share your faith and Jesus with others, we are not loving and this makes us nothing but a clanging gong (1 Cor 13). We become conceited and self-righteous and can even become hypocritical – so full of righteousness but all for ourselves which equates to pride.

Gluttony is a sin that is rarely spoken of. Being a spiritual glutton is dangerous. God blesses each of us with gifts and talents, not for ourselves, but to bring glory and esteem to Him through actions and deeds. You can’t sit in your comfy seat and store the gifts for yourself – this is self-love (pride). Yeshua said that our heart will be where our treasures are. Paul encourages us to run the race, running involves movement. It involves strapping on the right footwear and getting out there. Yeshua also talks of a narrow road – I like to think that this is narrow so that we can’t take our burdens with us, no extra baggage that would slow us down in the running. A road is there to be moved on, to walk and to run on. If it was a static place then I think we would refer to it as a travelator.

Be spiritually fed so that you will be hungry after a day of spending that energy on Kingdom building. Sit down and refuel so that you are energised and ready to go out in His strength. Yeshua invites those that are thirsty to come and drink, being thirsty means you have been exercising.

Send us out Lord filled with spiritual anointing for the glory of Your Kingdom. Let us be hungry for Your Word and energised to shine in this broken world. Feed us, we are Your flock and we desire Your presence and love. Amen.


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