Precious time.


I can remember a rainy weekend on a campsite. I had wanted to pack up and go home, every bone in my body was wanting to moan. I recall glancing at my hubby who was looking relaxed and enjoying not having to share me with distractions. I  adjusted my attitude a few times and focused on doing something with the man I loved. Laying aside my desires, I dragged out the games, made a coffee and located some choc chip biscuits to sweeten the deal. We laughed and chatted, reminiscing on precious moments in life – just the two of us huddled under an awning with the rain bucketing down around us. Taking time out of a distracted life to live a little and just be together.

This makes me think of how our Father must long to keep us on a rainy campsite. He is almighty and could paralyse us on the spot, but He does not want us to do something because He has riveted us to the spot, but out of love. YHWH desires our undivided love and desire to spend time with Him. He desires us to share moments and laughter with Him, enjoying His company.

We have forgotten how to enjoy God’s company with undivided attention, intimate time. Sitting in His presence does not only mean reading the Word and praying, it is deeper and extends to enjoyment. It is enjoying nature, marvelling at His creation and being awed at the magnificence of the vastness and majesty of what He spoke into being. If we were to spend more time doing this we would not have endangered animals and environments that are being destroyed by man-made disasters.

We need to appreciate the forests, wildlife and deserts. Looking at a tree and drinking in the beautiful colours, forms and fragrances brings you closer to YHWH, as we stand in wonder at what He has created. We do not even consider the microscopic cells that together generate life within the plants, the cycles that keep us alive, food chains and ecosystems that were spoken into being. Nature speaks of  God’s character and majesty. There are things in nature that remind us of His love for us, little love letters that He gives us – sunsets, sunrises, lightning and thunder.

Birds are my love letters. They are so beautiful and so varied. They take the skies and fly around, soaring and diving with their beautiful song and colours. Every time I hear a Cockatoo I raise my eyes to the skies and thank Him for His love for me. When last did you stop to watch a bird fly overhead? When was the last time you stopped and just listened to the song of a bird? We become so distracted by our lifestyles and so busy doing life, that we forget to live. We miss the wonders of creation, we don’t notice the detail, don’t see the colours. We spend most of our lives inside, indoors. God created the outdoors, man created the indoors. We tend to spend so much time listening to the bad news on our TV or radio, there is always white noise in our lives. It is time to switch off the worldly sounds and fill moments with the sound of creation, birdsong and the rustle of leaves. Time to step outdoors and hear the peace in His creation.

Unfortunately we have come to believe that we have to follow a rigid and set pattern of devotional time with Him. We are man-washed into doing what we think constitutes a relationship. YHWH walked with Adam in the garden, He watched Adam enjoy His creation. What would they discuss? I can only imagine that Adam would be awed by the amazing creation, would enjoy the breeze and the birdsong. Adam and Eve enjoyed the presence of YHWH in His creation. They were in His presence with no distractions – easy because they had no home, TV, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, gadgets… the list goes on. Adam and Eve only had outdoors.

When was the last time you paid really close attention to God’s creation – while in His presence? When was the last time you marvelled at the beauty and intrinsic design of a butterfly or orchid? When was the last time that you stopped and watched a bird fly with grace, sing a song of worship to YHWH? To dance in the rain, sing in the wind and to be still as you watch the waves break. Stop to look at a flower, breathe in the fragrance, marvel at the colour and design. All of nature continually sings of the glory and majesty of our Father, we are the crowning glory of His creation – see the beauty of someone.

Walk outside, spend a new time with YHWH, sing a song of praise with the birds. Lift His name high, praise Him for His beautiful creation. Stop and smell the roses.

Thank you My Father that You created the beauty of nature, the strength of a storm, the gentleness of the breeze. The coolness of the water, the mighty roar of the sea. Your creation speaks of your might, you care for nature and not one sparrow falls to the ground without Your knowledge. Great is Your name. Amen

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