A Father’s Love

imagesCAT9D4OFReading: Hosea 14

We can’t earn the favour of YHWH. Our ways are not His ways and our thoughts are foolish in the eyes of our God. We can’t pray ourselves into Heaven, it is through His grace and mercy – His love for us made a Way. We need to accept our redemption and walk in it. We pray because we love Father God and we desire to be in His presence. We accept Jesus, we are His bride and because of this we have an overwhelming desire to be near Him.

A man and woman are married because they love each other and make a commitment to be together, exclusively. There are different levels of intimacy in the relationship, different looks and touches that carry hidden messages – unfortunately not always as hidden as they should be. There is never any doubt though of that commitment that was made or the love that they have for each other. It is in the deeds and actions that love is shown, this love is not earned it just is. Our Father loves you because He made a loving-commitment to be lovingly-committed to you. He sent His Son, Yeshua to be the sacrifice and to take the punishment for a broken world that all who accept Him as Lord and Saviour and proclaim Him to be the Son of the Most High, will not perish but receive everlasting life.

We can’t imagine the love that the Father has for us, it will blow your brain right out of your head – it is so great that man cannot fathom it. We can try to relate it to life, but then we live in a broken world and the Father’s love is perfect and pure. However, if you can think to a parent watching a child trying to do something, the parent intervenes to try to show the child how. The child will often push away the hand of the parent and continue to struggle, while Daddy watches patiently until the child turns and gives him the go-ahead to assist. A young adult insists that they know what they are doing, they have this ‘bullet-proof’ attitude. Daddy knows full well that what they are doing is not going to be good, but in an effort to not drive them away and to ensure they are safe, Daddy steps back and watches. This time the wheels may come off and the young adult turns to Daddy and it takes a while to put the wheels back on, the consequences are greater and the young adult has to shoulder those – but Daddy is there to love, encourage, support and guide. Any young adult reading this needs to remember that your parents were children and young adults. They did not just become ‘wise, meddling and sometimes right’ overnight. No, they became this through experience and guidance from grandparents, who in turn had great-grandparents watching them be grandparents and parents and young adults and children. Get the picture? This is not about condemnation – it is about LOVE of the Father for His chosen ones.

Sometimes Father tries to show you the way, but you have your own ideas and motives. You have prayed about something and then off you go, this must be from God. Did you wait a while and LISTEN? Did you take back the problem by owning it and not releasing it? We often try to use human-sense, which we know is not the same thought pattern as that of the Father. We see a small piece of the picture that God the Father has already painted.

God has a unique plan and purpose for our lives, we were created to be unique individuals. Think of snowflakes, each one has a unique design/pattern. They say that no two snowflakes are the same, much like finger and eye patterns. Fingerprints set you apart from any other human – even twins have unique fingerprints. God the Father is into individualism – in creation, relationships and love. He loves each of us for who we are IN Christ. He created us and chose us (Read John 17) to bring Him esteem and glory, to enjoy the beauty of creation.

Unlike man, YHWH looks to the heart of His children, not their actions. It is not what we give, but why and how we give. Not how beautifully we sing to Him, but how and why we sing – what is your heart singing when the words of a worship song tumble from your mouth. When we pray it is not the eloquence of our phrases, but it is the heart of our prayer, a broken heart for others, a frustrated heart because no matter how hard we try we can’t express our true love in words. Father sees the motives and heart – not the lip service. God is almighty and He can’t be bought. He is not manipulated or bargained with by flattery and false promises – actually He despises these acts. Father listens to His children and He is a good God, giving to His children according to His will and His will for your life is that it is a life full of joy and love.

God’s love knows no bounds. Hosea 14:4 tells us that when we turn to Him and serve Him, His love will know no bounds. God wants the best for His children, His best! Now that thought will rock your world. If you are thinking bigger houses, faster cars, more glamorous lifestyle – where is your heart? Think miracles, healing of the spirit, mind and body. Peace, no amount of money can buy peace. Remember peace often comes in the middle of trials. Joy, in the presence of a lovingly-committed Father. This is what living is about, refreshing dew from Heaven. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added to your life.

If you have a lovely home, car, money to spend – material possessions, then be a good steward and don’t boast in what you have. Israel became and self-reliant and forgot about YHWH, who gave them victory in the first place. The Israelites became proud and forgot about God. This lead to pride and compromise, which lead to sin (read Hosea 12). The Father hates this, He desires our loving-commitment to Him.

We are blessed with whatever we have for His glory. The closer you get to God the more you become aware of what pleases Him, what makes Daddy smile. The outer becomes less important and the inner reflects His love, peace and joy. Make a decision to trust the Lord, seek His presence and stay there.

Oh Lord, that I would not babble in an effort to please you, but that I would be still and have an undivided heart that is turned towards you, my Father. That I would use what You have given me to spread Your love and bring honour and esteem to Your name. Amen






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