Vessels in His Hands


Read: Jeremiah 18:4-6

In these verses we read that Jeremiah is asked to go to the Potter’s House, where he sees the potter making clay pots. The potter was making vessels but he was not satisfied with the way the pot had turned out, it was not what he had in mind. The pot was ruined, but the potter was able to reuse the clay remoulded it into a new vessel, one that brought joy to the potter, one that displayed his plan and would fulfil the purpose he had for the vessel.

YHWH has a plan for our lives, He has a purpose for us and wants the best for us. He knows that the plans He has are to prosper us , plans to give you a future and an expectancy(hope). Jeremiah 29: 11-14. If however we are not willing to be formed by the potter because of our pride, stubbornness, self-righteousness, disbelief, self-pleasing habits, He can remodel us by breaking down these things in our lives. His Son takes the pain and sets us free from these fixed mindsets. This plucking up, pulling down and destroying (Jer. 18:7) can be painful, but in the hand of our Father it will not completely destroy us. It is a humbling, it may bring us to our knees – make us take a good hard look at where we are. He cares for His chosen ones. Job lost everything, he went through a very deep valley but he remained faithful to God. Job did not do anything wrong, but he trusted the Potter’s Hands and the glory of Father God shone on him and he sang praises to YHWH. Job was malleable clay.

How malleable are you? Can God reshape you, reposition you so that you fulfil the plans He has for you? Are you willing to lay down your desires, will and plans and be submissive to Him? For YHWH to be able to gently model you, you need to be in His hands, in His presence and trust completely – unreservedly and unconditionally.

Once the pot has been formed and shaped with purpose it has a ‘job’ to do, a reason to be. The pot is used to serve, to deliver contents to others. It is set and not malleable any more, but strong and beautiful. It is used in the Master’s house and the workmanship of the potter is admired. The pot is called beautiful and admired, but the honour for its beauty belongs to the potter who had the insight and skill to create this vessel. Your beauty is not yours to boast with – it belongs to the Father. As vessels we still have a choice though, who are we going to allow to fill us? What are we going to be filled with?

Do we approach the Father on a daily basis and ask to be filled from the storehouses of Heaven? A vessel does not dictate what is to fill it, remember that the potter creates vessels for various purposes, but each vessel brings honour to the same potter. Some vessels are multipurpose vessels and fulfil a variety of functions – each one according to the plans of the Father, our Potter. The importance is that we ensure that we remain in the hands of the Father and make sure that your vessel is able to be filled.

A vessel that is full of trinkets and dusty grime is not abled to be filled without contaminating the filling. For this vessel to be used it needs to be emptied of the trinkets and washed. Here is that plucking up and pulling down, it is removing the bits from our lives, from the self and being washed in the Blood of the Lamb that makes us beautiful again. The recognising (I know what sin I have), the repenting (saying sorry/asking for forgiveness and walking away from it) and then the redemption (I am free in Yeshua, free to serve) these steps will restore you to the Potter’s hands. Then you are able to be filled and used in the service of the Master, bringing Him honour and glory.

Another characteristic of a vessel is that it is used to pour out what and where the Master needs the contents to be poured. A vessel of orange juice is not needed on mashed potatoes. This is why it is so necessary to make sure you are in the hands of the Master, that you do not think YOU know what is needed and pour out your own wisdom. Pray and ask YHWH to pour the Spirit of Discernment into the situation and LISTEN carefully. Orange juice would spoil mashed potatoes, it should be gravy.

Your obedience and love for the Father is your reward. To be used by God is an amazing blessing, for Him to use you, to be so lovingly-committed to you that He took the time to design, mould and make you. WOW!! No reward that man has is greater than to know that God the Father loves me and wants to use me to bring glory to His name.

In Jeremiah 19:11 we read how Jeremiah is told to break a vessel from the Potter’s House, break it so that it can’t be used. What a place of despair this must be. Jeremiah is to break the vessel as a warning to the nation of Israel that this is what will befall them. The nation was disobedient and stiff-necked (full of pride, disrespect to YHWH and His right-ruling). A vessel that is not able to be used any more is worthless. If the vessel is full of pride, disobedience and compromise – beyond repair, unaccepting of the grace and mercy of Yeshua, refusing to believe that He is the Way, the Truth and the Light can’t be used. The contents of a cracked jug leak, it can’t be used for service. We often read the Bible to make us feel warm and fuzzy, but there are a lot of warnings – real warnings that need to be read and need to be heeded to.

My Father, my Elohim I pray that you would remove the trinkets from my life, the pride, self-righteousness and distractions. Wash me in the blood of the Lamb that I may be clothed in righteousness and filled with Your Set-Apart Spirit of Truth. May You fulfil Your plan for my life, use me to serve others, to bring You glory and honour. I place myself in the hands of the Master, YHWH, my Father. Amen

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