Daily eating


Read Ezekiel 3: Moving for YHWH

For the Spirit to enter you, you need to be clear of distractions, clear of yourself. You need to be naked before Father God, humble and contrite. When the Spirit of the Lord entered Ezekiel, he had been facedown in awe and fear (Ez. 2:2). Ezekiel recognised the might, power and majesty of YHWH in a vision. He had a very REAL relationship with God and was sold out for Him. He realised his purpose was to serve God, no matter what. We read how the Spirit put Ezekiel on his feet, this means that Ezekiel had to be prepared to move, to go forward and out. Being facedown in awe of our lovingly-committed Father is such a glorious place to be, but when you arrive in Heaven you will experience days, eternity of facedown time. Ezekiel had to get up and go.

To go somewhere you need energy. In Ez. 3 we read how YHWH fed him a Word, His Word. Ezekiel takes in the Word of God, consumes it making it part of his being. Once we consume something it is digested and then goes into the bloodstream to feed, energize the rest of the body. Although this scroll was full of woe, it was sweet to Ezekiel – being obedient to YHWH is sweet (John 14:23).

Taking daily bread is essential to our close walk with YHWH. It is an integral part of a relationship with Father. When you really read the Scriptures and pray about them and pray them, you feed your soul and make the Word part of your being, part of whom you are. I have a very dear friend and she lives this everyday, the Word is her energy. The Word of God is living and reading it is part of worship. By putting the Word into your life you are making room for Him, discarding self and your way of thinking – being renewed of mind. Ezekiel not only consumed the Word of God, he was given specific words from God, do you ask for a specific Word, or do you search the index and read something that suits your desire or circumstances or soothes your conscience? Are you reading the Word to tick a box, to do the right thing (man-washed) or are you reading our of a desire to hear from God, to receive from Him, living Bread and quenching Water. This kind of food is soul food and it is given so that you may hear, speak and learn. In Ezekiel 3:2 we read that Ezekiel opened his mouth and ate THE scroll. The means specific – meant for him.

Ezekiel 3:3, “And He said to me, ‘Son of man, feed your stomach and fill your stomach with the scroll I am giving you.’ And I ate it and it was sweet as honey in my mouth.”

Ezekiel was not only fed the Word, but told to feed his stomach (hunger) and to fill his stomach(satisfaction/fulfilment). To feed would imply chewing, sucking, absorbing, enjoying, munching, extracting nutrition, digesting. To fill means to complete, fulfil, pack in, expand, satisfy, consume, grow, take more in. The words ‘feed’ and ‘fill’ indicate that the scroll was to be digested, chewed, meditated on, prayed over. There was a completeness about the serving as it was to fill, this means it was to take place, to be taken in as a whole. These verses signify that we should really take care when we feed from the Word of God.

Taking your daily bread is not a ‘drive-through’ experience, a quick fix. No, it is setting time aside – enough time to sit at His feet, the table is set and the meal is served, we chat and talk enjoying the company of the Saviour. Reading the Word is a sweet experience, not rushed or done out of duty to tick a box – your Father sees the heart, He does not have tick sheets to measure your worth, He loves you. Read a verse or two and digest them, put them into your life – make them part of your being. Live them and meditate upon the Word of God – share it , mull it over. Don’t read and run off only to forget what you read.

Eating takeaways (fast food) is not good for you. You can’t live off packaged verses, they do have a place but are condiments to compliment your meal with the Lord. It is imperative for your spiritual health that you dine with the Father, taking time to break bread and soak in His anointing. Let Him feed you – NOT man. Let Him show you His purpose for your life, He has a unique plan for you and fast food on the run is not part of it.

Ezekiel 3:10, “And He said to me, ‘Son of man, receive into your heart all My words that I speak to YOU and hear with YOUR ears.’

Once food has been eaten and reaches the stomach it is digested. The food is broken down and the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. The blood flows through the heart and into the body. Once the nutrients are in the blood it is almost impossible to extract them. So we are to receive the Word of God into our heart. It does not stay in the stomach, it satisfies and then needs to energize to allow us to move. The heart basically feeds the mind… Ezekiel was told to receive the Word in his heart, to feed the body and mind so that he could go forth and fulfil the purpose God had for him.

The purpose of feeding on Scripture is to share it. To share the Word of God with others we need to know what the Word says about living. Some of us may be teachers, pastors or evangelists. The best teachers are those that have knowledge and a firm understanding of their teaching practises and philosophy. To speak without spiritual/Biblical knowledge or without the anointing of the Set-Apart-Spirit of Truth is folly and often comes from a need for self-gratification or pride. God tells Ezekiel to feed, fill and receive what He gives to him. Ezekiel is told to listen with HIS ears to what God tells him. Not listen to hearsay, what you think or feel – no, it is specifically what YHWH tells him. To speak the Word of God in vain, out of pride is blasphemy and when is spoken for self-gratification it is very dangerous not only for the speaker but to the receiver of that word. Be wary of people who approach you with “I feel that …” or “I sense that God MIGHT…” When YHWH  speaks there will be doubt, He is sovereign and will reveal to you what needs to be revealed. Always pray about prophesy you may be given from someone else, ask someone that you trust to pray with you. I say these things in no disrespect, but out of love.

After Ezekiel has eaten and filled his stomach, he is lifted and moved in the Spirit. He does not go out of his own accord or on a whim. He has been prepared and could feel the Hand of YHWH on him. All too often we move on our own, or impulsively on a whim. When you immerse yourself in the Word of God as Ezekiel did, the move will be real and strong, you will experience a move. Ezekiel writes in verse 14, ‘and I went out in bitterness in the heart of my spirit.’ God had forewarned Ezekiel of hard-heartedness and stubborn  spirits, so Ezekiel would not be looking forward to what he had to do, it was not something that he naturally would have undertaken. Often when YHWH uses it you it may be out of your comfort zone, it may not feel good or sit well with you – it may be totally not you, that is because it is not you, it is HIM. Lay down yourself, be fed by YHWH and let the Set-Apart-Spirit of Truth move you.

Ezekiel lay himself down, he did what he was asked to do. He love Father God so much that he wanted to fulfil the purpose YHWH had for his life. He trusted God explicitly, he was confident in who he was in the Potter’s Hands. Ezekiel knew the glory of God, he knew and felt the very presence of God. He fed on the Word of God, walked into his calling regardless of what it required. There were no ‘drive-through’ diets in his life, he had meals with the Father. Sitting in His presence, eating His word, listening to His Word, being fulfilled and satisfied to be moved by the Spirit to serve an awesome and lovingly-committed Father. What a prophet!

Oh Father, I desire to be fed by You, to come into Your presence, sit at Your table and eat Your Word. Filling my stomach and feeding my spirit so that there is more of You in my life, less of me. More energy to do Your will, to share with others and to bring glory to Your Name.


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