Yeshua set such an example

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‘Sometimes we need humility to accept what Jesus did for us.’ Just a thought….

Philippians 2:9

‘God raised Jesus up to the heights of Heaven and gave Him a name that is above all other names.’

Yeshua emptied Himself, humbled Himself and lay His life aside out of obedience to the Father. Out of this selflessness flows mercy, grace and forgiveness to us. During His walk on Earth He touched the untouchables, healed the rejected and scorned, raised dead people, ate with sinners and was so very, very patient with His disciples. He never did anything for self-gain, but in all things brought honour and glory to the Father. He is exalted above all names by the Father. He drank a bitter cup, a cup that He did not deserve, “Father, if this cup could pass Me by, not My will, but Thine will. And an angel appeared and strengthened Him.” What an example of obedience and love! Yeshua walked in ministry for three years, and in those years He left us with examples of how we should live a life that will bring honour and esteem to the Father. How do you measure up?

Jesus was able to face temptation and opposition because He knew Who He was. There were no quiet fingers crossed behind the back and denial of who He was. Within Himself He knew that He is the Son of the Most High, Messiah, Son of YHWH. When He reached out and healed, restored life or wholeness to others He often would request that people did not make a big song and dance about it, but rather praise YHWH. This makes me think about the way we react and almost idolise men and women of God. We need to always maintain the focus of worshipping YHWH, giving Him the glory. Thank Him for the fantastic messages that He has sent through others, but don’t put them on a pedestal, for they are merely messengers from YHWH. I say this with all respect and with thanks to YHWH for their boldness and obedience to serving Him, for His glory and esteem. When we do something, do we expect human accolades? Jesus tells us that the Father will reward us for things that we do in the secret, I would rather receive reward from Father than a pat on the back from man. Paul tells us that we should boast about what Jesus has done for us, not what we do for Jesus. We need to live a life of esteeming Him, not being esteemed or wishing to be esteemed by man.

Yeshua, Son of YHWH, High Priest of Heaven, our Elohim and Saviour started life in humble beginnings. Born in a stable, shepherds for first visitors, He took up carpentry, the men He chose to be His followers were from humble beginnings. Everywhere He went He reached out and touched the lost and outcast – humble. Yeshua did not spend His days with the high society trying to ‘get in’ with the right group, He did not hang with the ‘Jones’s’ to look cool. No Yeshua knew who He was, He humbly emptied Himself of all human pride/importance and gave His all to serve in love for the esteem of His Father. His love for Father was so great that He submitted all in obedience.

Yeshua was blameless, He controlled His words and thoughts, He never hurt but healed, He never caused stumbling – but healed the lame and helped them walk. Yeshua never boasted about Who He was, He never pulled rank (only on satan) and never demanded rights because of Who He was. Everything He did was in accordance with the will of the Father, it was completed to glorify and bring esteem to the Father.

Here is where the tyre hits the road – we are one with Him (John 14:23 and the whole of John 17), so we should reflect this humility. We should be walking confidently in who we are in Christ, boasting about what He has done, bringing Him glory, not trying to be cool and keep up with the ‘Jones’s’ (whoever they may be) and at the same time keep up appearances that man has come to expect of Christians. It is about a genuine relationship with your Daddy in Heaven, it is about being in love with Yeshua, the Bridegroom. When Yeshua walked the Earth, He challenged every man-made perception of serving the Father, He showed again and again that it was not a book of rules, but a living and vibrant relational worship. I find this comforting!! We need to empty ourselves of ourselves, rid our minds of man-washed beliefs and doctrine. We are to fill our lives with doing what the Father designed us to do for Him, through the strength of His Son, under the guidance of His Spirit, bringing Him glory – I did not read a single me or my in that! The only way we can know what the Father wants is to sit at His Feet, be in His presence and lean close enough to hear His heartbeat. We need to be reading the Word, walking with Him, communicating and living in a relationship – not long distance, but a real-life now relationship. A relationship that is personal, not a showcase for impressing others.


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