A Tree in His Garden


What a glorious day. Nature exalts the Most High God with birdsong, big blue skies that speak of His unending love, trees that sway in the wind, rustling their leaves and playing with the birds. All is alive and so vibrant, bringing glory to the King by being what they were created to be. There are things going on deep down in trees that we can’t even see, but what can be seen makes one stand back and stare in wonderment.

We are a lot like trees, we are all individuals and have a definite purpose to fulfil. God is busy with each one of us, He created us and we are all going through our own little things – often unseen to others. We all have different root systems, varying in depth and width, but we are all rooted in Him. What people see may make them stare in wonderment. Many times in the Bible, Yeshua is referred to as the vine. If a branch is not attached to the vine it can’t produce fruit and is cut off and thrown into the fire. Trees that are not deeply rooted will fall over when storms come and then they need to be disposed off as they are a danger to others. We need to make sure that we are deeply rooted in Biblical truth, deeply attached to YHWH through the blood of Yeshua. Put your roots deep down and drink with great thirst from the Streams of Living Water. A tree that is beside deep waters grows strong and have lovely foliage, bearing good fruit. Likewise, those that are in Christ will reflect His image.

A tree house its own ecosystem and this is important. A tree not only bears fruit and disperses seed to promote the growth of other trees, but it offers shelter to those that need a place of peace, shelter. A tree casts a shadow, cool and unconditional for those that wish to rest in the shade. I have never seen a tree reject a bird or person that tries to rest beneath it. Are you a peaceful tree, sharing and accepting unconditionally? Another thing that trees do really well is prevent soil erosion by holding on very fast t the ground and soil surrounding their root system. The roots prevent the foundations from being washed away and eroded. How tightly do you hold onto the Word of God, do you stand firm and keep it close to your roots, guarding it?

Trees form part of the water cycle too. Not only do they produce oxygen, which we all need to breathe. I digress here but this is so interesting…. when man was created YHWH breathed His breath into the nostrils of man and that is the breath of life. Oxygen is a component of that breath and trees produce it!! Now where was I? Oh, trees not only make Oxygen as a by product, but they also transpire – this means they release water vapour into the atmosphere. This comes from the streams of water they take in through their root system!!! Which would mean that we need to be releasing YHWH into the world, not keeping Him for our own, ‘No man hides a lamp under the bed.’ Do you offer others a drink of this life-giving stream? Do you contribute to watering others in need, who are thirsty?

Then there is the fruit that trees bear. The fruit varies in form, size, purpose and nutrition. Some fruit is only meant for a limited consumption, other fruit is abundant – it matters not, only that fruit is borne and that the glory and esteem belongs to YHWH. When a tree produces fruit it does not hide the fruit, it shares and displays the fruit. Seeds generally come from the fruit and they are dispersed. Trees have a variety of fragrances, not only the blossom, but the wood itself has a distinct fragrance, some trees even produce oil…



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