Guard His ways and delight in Him


Read Samuel 22:20-23

In these verses we read of what Adoni did –

* He brought me out; delivered me; delighted in me; rewarded me and repaid me.

YHWH does these things for His children and it is according to your righteousness(through Christ), according to the cleanness of your hands, the way you have guarded the ways of Adoni and not acting wrongly.

Abba Father desires to give us much more, He gives more than we could ever comprehend. We are to delight in His love for us and remain righteous. Remember John 14:23 “If you love Me, you will obey Me. My Father will love you and We will make Our home with you.”

Being righteous in the sight of YHWH is not what man deems righteous. It is about being pure in worship and faith. About serving Him with an undivided heart and pure motives. God delights in those that guard His ways and Word. Those that love His Son and allow the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth to dwell in them. More of Him and less of me. God delights in the humble of heart, those that are totally dependent on His providence and do all things through the strength of  Yeshua for the glory of YHWH.

To guard His way and Word, we must know the way. You can’t guard something that you don’t know about or know where it is. Guarding something implies protecting, keeping safe and close to you. To guard something means that you are willing to lay down, to sacrifice something to keep it safe. The President’s Men are trained in defending the president, they are skilled and have strategies that they use when guarding him, most importantly they are willing to die for him. Are you trained in knowing the Word, will you willingly sacrifice yourself for His Word and way? Do you guard the Word from dust by rubbing a finger over it now and again, is it hidden somewhere safe? The safest spot to hide the Word of God is in your heart, keeping it there and feeding upon it. Checking and measuring your thoughts with the Living Word is a good way of keeping your feet on the Way.

Paul talks of putting on the armour of God – you do need to be dressed appropriately when you are guarding something. Are you able to shield off bullets and attacks for the glory of God? Yeshua took a stake for you.

Delight in the Lord. When I give something to my friends or family, the biggest pleasure is not in the finding or wrapping, but in the unwrapping. Seeing the delight in their faces when they reveal the gift – that is pleasure. Father enjoys it when you delight in His creation, the beauty that He created and gave to us. When is the last time that you really delighted in the beauty of the crashing waves, the sound of a storm, marvelled at the colours of a bird and their ability to soar in the sky. We are quick to moan about the cold wind that whips up sand, the rain that wets washing or cancels a picnic – these are moments of awesome creation.

I love scuba diving or snorkelling. The storm can be whipping up the sea, yet beneath the very same waters in a world of colour and tranquillity. We serve a God that is alive and we need to take our noses out of books, eyes off screens, ears away from music and noise and see His awesomeness – delight in what He has created. When you experience His awesomeness you will hear from Him and then you have something to guard.

Father, You are so amazing and I love You. Don’t hear the words tumbling from my lips, rather see my heart and the delight that I have for You. May I put Your Word deep into my heart so that I may guard Your Word and that the Word will guide me in Your Ways. May I be found righteous in Your sight, because of the blood of Your Son. Amen

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