The Toy Box

Toy-Box-Grandparents I was walking past my granddaughter’s toy basket and smiled. The thought of her brought joy to my heart, I could see her smile in my mind and instantly missed her giggle, cuddles and presence.

Later, as I walked along the beach, I was reminded of these emotions, thoughts of how Father misses us began to flood my mind. When you are a parent, or grandparent, you spend everyday looking for things that might excite, might ignite or inspire the imagination of children. We take time in carefully selecting books, toys and activities – weighing up their value, the contribution they will make and the richness of joy they will bring. I began contemplating how I had selected the toys for my granddaughter’s basket, how I had hand picked each toy for a purpose, be it for pure enjoyment, educational value or as an expression of love.

Father, knows what we need before we ask for it, He knows our every thought before we have thought it and He constantly hopes we will choose the right way. He knit us together in the womb and it was then that He put our ‘toy basket’ together. He lovingly chose talents, gifts and blessings and placed them in our ‘basket’ with hope. He placed them there for us, out of love. When we put together a toy basket we do so with hope, hoping that the child will use the toys, will find value and will value what is there. Father God hopes that you will use what He has put aside for you, that you will value what He has provided for you. That you will find joy in what He has given you.

My thoughts drifted back to how much I missed having my granddaughter around, how I missed hearing her play with the toys I had purchased with hope, love and care. That is when I realised how Father must miss us, miss our voices, smiles and joy. Do we have a box of new ‘toys’ that we have not taken out, are they pushed aside for worldly gains? Do we not take from the ‘toy box’ because that involves being in the Father’s presence? For my granddaughter to play with her toy basket , she has to be at my house…

Sometimes I will buy something new and pop it in the box as a surprise, I do this because I love to spoil her, love to see the delight on her little face. Abba Father enjoys spoiling His children, He loves to hear the praises of His chosen ones. Be aware that we serve a God that loves generosity, loves a joyful heart and a thankful heart. YHWH paid the ultimate price in enabling us to have life, and life abundantly through His Son.

When was the last time you sat in  the presence of Abba Father and took out the gifts that He so lovingly, put together for you, He is hoping that you will use the gifts and desires to hear your voice, see your smile and know your heart.

Father, You have given us so  much. You have made a way for us to gain eternal life through Your Son. You bless us beyond our needs, we only need to step outside of our worldly lives to see the beauty of Your creation. You have a plan for our lives. A plan to prosper us and to give us life expectancy. You, Father are our provider, we are Your children and if we as parents know how to provide for our children, how much more do You know how to provided for us. Forgive us for not always seeking Your Kingdom first. Set-Apart-Spirit of Truth remind us of the gifts and guide us in using them for the esteem and glory of our Father. Amen

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