Gliding in His Love


I was on a walk when I saw a Kite gliding on the thermals above the beach. It was a beautiful sight,it just hung in the air as if suspended by an invisible cord, no flapping or urgency – just hanging and letting the air current take it. I was excited at the picture and stood still so that I could admire the beauty of this magnificent bird. As began thanking Father for the blessing of sight and the blessing of being in that place at that moment, I felt a witnessing in my spirit of something much deeper.

This bird was being lifted and moved by the air beneath its wings, it was allowing the current to move it. There was not flapping, no fighting the movement, it was just hanging and allowing the stream to carry it higher and lower. I started to realise that this bird was not focussing on the air around it, but on prey below. I chuckle to myself and thought of how I flap and rush without focussing on my prayer. The bird was trusting in the air, it is designed to glide, designed to sense the currents and to trust them. I started thinking of my own faith. I was designed to serve, designed to worship and designed to walk in faith, be filled by the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth to give me direction. I was making connections between the Kite’s ability to hang and glide on the unseen air without fussing, to trust the air to keep it up and even when the current dropped it never flapped, just raised its tail feathers a little to catch more updraft – unbelievable. When I feel I am dropping I flap and scurry and panic… Was this a reflection on my trust? Who do I trust more – myself or the plan of a lovingly-committed Father?

I have blogged about love letters before, well here is a big one! My spirit was starting to get so excited, I realised that I needed to be like this magnificent bird. Undoubting faith in the Father’s hand holding us and guiding us. A renewing of mind and spirit so that there is a sensative to the gentle nudge of the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth. The knowledge of the Word that speaks of love and the voice of our beloved Yeshua as He calls and leads us on the narrow path. No flapping, focussing on our ‘pray’ and being lifted on wings of Eagles.

I was so excited I thought that I may forget all that my spirit was experiencing at that given moment. I whispered a prayer and asked YHWH to help me remember this feeling of utter awe. I looked down to find a round, red stone and picked it up excitedly. I started to study the stone and could make out the faint outline of an eagle. This is when the tears of sheer joy and amazement came. I suddenly realised that no matter where I was, no matter what I had done or not done – YHWH is almighty. YHWH is lovingly-committed to His chosen ones and speaks to us through His creation. When we are not flapping, but trusting in His love, His guidance and His plan for our lives we can glide and soar in the knowledge of His grace and mercy.

This is not a long blog, but one that I feel can’t be kept to myself. Remember that YHWH has a plan for each of us, no matter where we are, no matter what we have done…the Father stands and waits for us to come home. He has so much in store for us, He wants us to soar and glide in His Spirit.

Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on Elohim will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” We still need to walk, we will experience down drafts, but we will be in the presence of our Almighty Father, He will cover us in the shadow of His wings, His Spirit will lift us up and place our feet upon the solid rock.



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