Walking like a child.


We walk every day, it is a way of moving from one area to another. Some find it hard to walk, others forget how to walk and run everywhere. There are some of us that unfortunately can’t walk and we rely on the walking of others to assist us. Walking, once learnt, is something that we do without thinking about it. We get up and head in a direction with purpose and walking is part of meeting a goal.

The purpose of our walk will determine the pace and speed, the urgency of our mission will govern the effort we apply to the walk. When we are late we rush and to make it on time, if we have minutes to spare we may amble and stop along the way. Even people that walk to keep fit vary their pace to ensure that they keep their heart rate up in the zone. Because we don’t think about walking I suspect we take a lot for granted and it has taken walking with my two year old granddaughter to make me realise how important walking is, not only physically but spiritually.

We all know that we are walking with our Lord Yeshua, that the Word of YHWH is a light to our path. But I question how we see this walk and how we relate physical walking with that of our spiritual walk. When we start off we are wobbly and unsteady on our feet, all young Christians wobbly a little until they find the foundational truth of faith and relationship with Yeshua. As a child we toddle along and then discover that if we move our feet faster we can run. Parents stand by our side and shudder at our lack of perception to space and depth – much like our Heavenly Father has done on numerous occassions when we have galloped off at our own speed without regard to His caution. We reach an age when we can move more independently, we still may walk off things or into things as we may be distracted and blinded – sound familiar to our spiritual walk as well?

Then the day arrives and you are a parent, you watch with much pride and anxiety as your precious child learns to master the skill of walking and negotiate life. Your walking turns into running as you run after them for a few years – as parents our prayer life picks up speed, I believe, when we have kids we do a lot more knee-time than me-time. It is not long and you walk them down the aisle allowing you to return to a walk again.

Grandchildren arrive and this time you learn to walk in a new way. There is a new depth and perspective to walking. By now you are more mature, you may think differently about things, ponder a little longer (that is if you can remember what you are pondering about). When grandchildren come along they teach you lessons you had forgotten about, they make you look at things you took for granted. Because we are not running after them trying to teach them everything – parents do that – it frees us up to learn with them and from them. Paul talks about being mature and not needing milk to feed from, I have been thinking about this and think that this is when I matured and realised I am mature – not perfect and not arrived, but maturing like good cheese.

My precious granddaughter has new eyes, she sees things for the first time, she is awed by what she discovers and gets excited by little things. Walks with her can’t be rushed because then we would miss the flowers, bugs, ants and seedpods. No, we need to linger and investigate while collecting information in wonderment at the creation around us. She stops at a lavender bush and asks, “Nanna Birdie, what is this one?” I take a leaf and rub it between my fingers and the scent of lavender fills the air. She becomes excited and filled with wonderment, she sniffs the leaf and declares, “That is awesome! I want some.” Right there, she wants some of what I have shown her. Do you get excited about things in your walk with Yeshua and ask for some? The sad thing is that for years I have walked passed that bush and not stopped to smell a leaf, not been blessed by the scent contained within the leaf – something I took for granted. How many blessings, gifts and promises do we pass in our reading of the Word, do we pass when we shrug off encouragement?

My precious one hears the sound of a bird, she will stop and look up. A feather in the grass is investigated, a butterfly followed with fascination and awe at the beauty and flight. She flaps her arms and will sing her own song about flying in the sky like a ‘butterby’. Where is your imagination? Do we hear and actually stop to listen or do we rush off? She has made me realise that taking a walk is an adventure, a discovery. It is a time to observe and listen, a time of wonderment and awe at the creation around her. She will often look up at me, touch my hands and say, “Nanna, fly like butterby with me.” She wants to dance with me, sing with me and I don’t care what the world thinks, I flap my arms and sing with her twirling and laughing while we are on our walk. Another truth about walking – our Father is a lovingly-committed Father and He gave His all for us. He loves us to dance and sing with Him, don’t box YHWH into a God of rules and regulations. Utimately He desires us to enjoy His creation, enjoy life and live exalting Him.

I am not suggesting we should stop every time we see a flower, but rather that we should check our spiritual walk. Is your walk with Elohim one that is rushed, more like a timed march to the sound of a worldly drum? Is it prattle time when we rush off lists of demands and not stop to listen or heed to His answers? Do we see the beauty of what He has prepared for us or is that lost in the hurry of the day?

We need to stoop (bow down) to discover treasures in the Word, we need to ask YHWH, “Father, what is this one?” We need to walk and become excited when we realise or discover something by exclaiming, “Wow, that is awesome, can I have some?” We need to become excited in our innermost being by the realisation that He loves more than words can tell. It is important that we find that undistracted, quiet place to amble with Him, to learn to stop and listen. To ask Him to dance with you, be a butterfly.

YHWH walked in the garden with Adam, this was a time of sharing and relationship building. Adam would have spoken to YHWH about the creation, asked what is this one? Walking with Yeshua implies just that, with – together not alone. When my granddaughter tugs at my hand and tells me she wants to go for a walk she will say, “Come Nanna, let’s go for a walk please. Come Nanna.” Sometimes she will even try and put on my shoes for me. She waits at the door and does not go off on her own, she will take my hand and walk with me. If she does wander ahead she stops and looks back to make sure I am there. When she feels unsafe or threatened she knows that I am there, that I will protect her at all costs – she is mine and I love her unconditionally. She doesn’t scream or panic, she runs up to me with her arms out stretched and tells me she needs a ‘cuggle’. When she is tired she will ask to be carried. This is the third and biggest lesson I have learnt about walking with my Father.

This darling little girl knows that I love her, she does not question my love she does not doubt my love, she just knows it! Oh that I would have the same faith in YHWH!!!!! Why don’t I consider the Father’s love in this way? Yeshua said that we should have the faith of a child and for years I have battled to understand what this may mean. For me the penny has dropped. It is accepting that unconditional love, it is knowing that we are precious to Him, that Yeshua has died for us. It is knowing that we are the chosen bride of Christ and the set-apart people. We need to walk like a child, in awe and wonderment at what has been planned for us, trusting without question that our Father will never leave us, will dance with us and share His knowledge with us when we ask for ‘some’.

I know that as my granddaughter grows up our walks will change and conversations will be different, but that is the process of maturing. I will never be too old to dance with her though, never too old to smell flowers together and never too old to love her. Besides I have a baby grandson that is going to want to discover the lavender bush – how exciting!!

YHWH, I thank you Father for grandchildren and ask that You will dance with me, that You will make my heart like a childs again so that I can be full of wonderment at the plans You have for me. That I may have a fresh realisation of how deep Your unconditional love is for me.heart


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