Not someone else’s shoes rather someone else’s perspective.


I picked up the iPad and decided to read what I had blogged a few years ago. As I re-read some of the blogs my heart began to ache, I was overwhelmed with the desire to return to this time of my life where I walked so intimately with Him. I read the blog reminding us that YHWH IS now and He said “I am” not “I was”. As I read on I came to the blog titled, “You want me to do what??” and this resonated with me.

That overwhelming feeling I experienced when I read through the blogs was from the perspective of feeling guilty that I was not writing in my journal. I am currently writing a thesis and while I still spend intimate time at His feet, journal writing has somewhat been put on hold (until now).  I had to take off the guilty glasses (an analogy) and look at where I was then (recovering from cancer) and where I am now. I need to see things from a different perspective.  I have a friend, she is my sister in Christ and I love her dearly. She has gifts that make my head spin. She dreams and has visions that she is able to sketch and she sees things from such a different perspective. I often pray asking for visions and dreams too. The answer to my prayers was not what I expected. I write, I see things and write, I hear and write. The journey I am on with my studies involves writing…lots of writing.  I was discussing this desire to see visions with YHWH and my answer was a question, “Do you have visions in words or pictures? Which perspective do you understand better?” The answer is not hard for me…words. So I suppose this is it, what is your perspective? How do you see others, through which lens? You can see others and their situations from the lens of the world and this generally is from a condemnation or judgemental perspective. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself through the lens of the world too making you discontent, critical or proud? When we see things through the lens of Yeshua, we have love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, the list goes on.

What has this to do with perspective? Well, there is a saying that you can only understand someone else’s experience if you walk a mile in their shoes. I don’t think that we can understand what someone else is going through, and I am not sure that we are supposed to understand either. It is a very one dimensional view to consider another human being’s experiences by standing in their shoes. Shoes are on the feet and very far from the heart. I would argue that to truly understand what someone else is going through we need to have their perspective, that is, understand their emotions, where they are with YHWH, comprehend their state of mind and then maybe we could start to experience what they are experiencing.

From a young child I have had a sight impairment which means that I have 20% vision in one of my eyes. When you have something like this you learn to judge distance with one eye, you learn from others that there is a third dimension that you have not seen because you have no depth perception. For you to close one eye and assume you understand what I see will never replicate my perception. I have adapted and have learnt how and where to position myself. I look at things and often wonder what it looks like for someone else. The point is, that instead of trying to view things from the perspective of others, should we not view all things from the perspective of YHWH? This includes ourselves! We are His creation, He desires to have a relationship, an intimate relationship with His children. What does He see when He looks at you? This can be switched around, how do you see Him? What relationship have you with the Father? Is is one of wonderment and awe?

When you are interested in something, you are able to spot things others may not see. I could see a Rainbow Honey Eater in a tree that others couldn’t. This is not because they were blind, but I am into birds and always on the look out for them. Are you into Yeshua? Do you see the glory of YHWH around you? What perspective do you have when you look at the world?  I love animals and hate cruelty. Animals can be cruel as I have experienced with “my” one-eyed Magpie, Buddy, that I have fallen in love with. She comes around now and again, always under the protective cloak of dusk and I feed her raw mince. She reminds me that we serve a loving Father that cares for the broken-hearted and weak. Others may see Buddy, and shoo her away thinking she is a pesky Magpie, but she is gentle and generous, she has never chased another bird away from her bowl. It is all about perspective, how you look and what you see. Maybe I love her because we share a one-eyed vision of life 🙂

The truth is that YHWH’s ways are not our ways. He is sovereign and above all else. In faith you walk in obedience to Him knowing that He has plan for your life, a plan for good and not for evil (Jeremiah 29:11). Yeshua in obedience to the Father, paid a price that we can never truly comprehend. In paying this price we are able to approach YHWH. YHWH works all things for the good of those that love Him. In Christ we are strong – the opposite of this would be in myself I am weak. This knowledge is faith and the perspective from which we approach life, seeking His will, knowing His loving-commitment and that above all Father is good. It is that simple, not a complicated perspective at all.


John Bevere delivered a sermon called “Trembling at His Word”. Do we know to tremble in the presence of the King? YHWH is omnipotent so that would mean that you continually tremble. John Bevere explains this so well, it is the fear of the Lord. One of the seven Spirits before the throne of YHWH is the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. This fear is not from the perspective of a naughty child trembling as he/she approaches the wrath of an angry parent. No, it is from the perspective is from a redeemed child of the Most High Elohim. One of awe, respect, love and obedience in righteousness. A fear of not being in His will, a fear of not being in His presence, at His feet.

YHWH, I ask forgiveness for not consistently trembling at Your Word, for not always seeing myself as Your daughter. I ask that as Yeshua healed the eyes of the blind, You would heal my eyes. Give me eyes that see the truth, that see Your glory and wonderment.  I ask that You would open my eyes to Your Word, that You would fill me with Your Spirit so that my perspective is Your will. Amen

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