My Cancer Journey

In October 2011, I was diagnosed with high-grade invasive cancer of the bladder. It came as a shock to us all and rocked our world. I was fit and running 11km in under an hour, I was holding down a management position at school and teaching fulltime. I was devastated and remember asking myself, ‘Why?”. It was hard on the family as we had immigrated twice – once from South Africa to NZ and then to Australia. We were not alone, but we had no family at hand.

After much prayer we decided that we would go ahead with the treatments and not have my bladder removed. This was a step of faith as we had been given Scriptures that I would remain whole and not have anything removed.  We, being my husband and I. I had 32 radiation sessions and 6 sessions of chemotherapy. This all happened in six weeks. The tumours were removed prior to the treatment, the largest being 6cm in diameter. When I look back I know that I had spiritual cancer and this cancer is deadly. I was at a stage in my life where I needed a stop sign. It was a blessing that I was fit as this enabled them to hit me hard and fast with the treatment.

I had many hours to spend before my Saviour and to soak in His healing presence and love. Many will not understand this, but hopefully if you follow my blogs you will see the mercy and tenderness of my Lord, Elohim.

I had two cystoscopies and both of these revealed small tumours that needed to be removed. After the second cystoscopy my amazing urologist decided to treat me  with BCG. That involved six two-hour treatments. Two cystoscopies later and I am in remission. I am so grateful for my healing.

The journey that this took me on has been invaluable and every day I am reminded of His loving-commitment to me. These blogs are parts of the journals that I wrote during that time, this is why the dates are not 2014. Some blogs will be recent journal writings. I am just the hand that holds the pen in many journal entries and I give all honour and esteem to God for His words and wisdom.

My prayer is that if you read these you will be blessed and that you will be encouraged and realise how loving our Father is.DSCN0173

One thought on “My Cancer Journey

  1. Thank you so so very much for sharing your lovely journey!
    I can only say Jesus ! Our Jeshua and Abba YWHW ! Let Your light shine forth and let Your glory fill this house !
    He is so faithful and His love for you is contagious … He has made you strong and his face to shine upon you my friend !
    I will pray for you from this day and I will rejoice with you !


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