Navigating your walk


Recently I have been led to study Psalm 119. I have read it before in passing through Psalms. That may sound rather shallow, and the intent is such. It is the longest Psalm in the Scriptures and to read it in one sitting does not enlighten your inner being. Taking it bit by bit and praying it gives it depth and reveals the jewels hidden within the verses.

This morning I was sitting in the presence of Abba Father reading Psalm 119. I normally ignore any electronic devices when they ping or ring during this time, however this vibrating ring had an urgency to it and I answered to find a frustrated and lost husband on the other end. He was driving to an appointment in a loan car (our car needed a service) and the navigation system was not doing what it was designed to do. He had driven in the right direction, but not taken the turn he needed to and was off course. After jumping onto Google Maps and locating his position by finding street names he was giving me, I was able guide him, even though at times he doubted I knew where he was. After staying on the phone and providing directions he was on his way and soon recognised landmarks and the building that he needed to be at. This incident made me think about how we navigate our spiritual walk. I started to ponder what devices I trust to guide me on my walk. I wondered how often I miss a turn or even a stop and end up in what seems the right direction but so far from the intended destination?

I am very good at asking for directions when I think I may be lost, but do I ask for enough guidance in my spiritual life? The feeling of being lost only happens when you are lost, when you have no idea of where you are or should be going. This made me wonder, how many of us may be lost. I am not referring to salvation but to walking in the plan that YHWH has for us. Jeremiah 29: 11 is well quoted, if you read the preceding verses there is a warning about not being deceived but seeking Him (verses 12-14). In verse 14 we are told that He shall be found and we shall be brought back. These verses require not only faith in knowing that you know where He places your feet, but to listen closely and intimately to the voice of the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth as He guides you and reveals to you the plan of the Most High. To sit daily in His presence, not surrounded by devices, man written blogs (like this) and life, but to find that quiet chair in the garden, to put aside the things of the day and to just sit and listen, worship in spirit and in truth. Revive your inner being by gathering the anointing oil so freely available from the Father’s hand. Getting your direction and bearing so that you can walk where He leads you or come back into step with Him. A year ago I wrote about our journey with Him.

When you are travelling somewhere these days satellite assisted devices guide you. The old street directories and big fold out maps are no longer referred to as points of reference and I think that mankind has lost a skill. It has however saved many arguments in the car about which way round the directory should be held. To be guided you need to know where you are going, you need to have a destination and then you need to follow the directions. Directions are of no use to the traveller if they are not followed, studied and walked. I remember when I was first diagnosed with cancer, a very dear friend told me that I had to walk in healing. To say the least this was not what I wanted to hear, I did not understand it at first but it soon became clear. The plan that is set for us is a personal one, we walk together but on different paths with the same destination and for the glory of YHWH. We need to put one foot before the other in faith and step out, just like Peter did. Our future has been written by the Creator of the all things, He is lovingly committed to us and His Son, Yeshua, paid the ultimate price so we may approach the Father. You can’t step out on your own, you don’t have to. Jeremiah 29:12 says that we will call on Him, come and pray to Him and He shall listen. In verse 13 we are encouraged to seek Him with all our hearts and that He shall be found.

Psalm 119 refers to walking and being in step with YHWH and His word:

Verse 1: Aleph Blessed are the perfect in the way, who walk in the Torah of YHWH.

Verse 3: Yes, they shall do no unrighteousness; They shall walk in His ways.

Verse 9: How would a young man cleanse his path? To guard it according to Your word?

Verse 25: My being has been clinging to the dust; Revive me according to Your word.

Verse 32: I run the way of Your commands, for You enlarge my heart.

Verse 35: Make me walk in the path of Your commands, for I have delighted in it.

Verse 59: I have thought upon my ways, and turned my feet to Your witnesses.

Verse 60: I have hurried, and did not delay to guard Your commands.

Verse 67: Before I was afflicted I myself was going astray, but now I have guarded Your word.

Verse 105: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Verse 133: Establish my footsteps by Your word, let no wickedness have rule over me.

I would encourage you to take a little time today to check where you are, to sit before your lovingly-committed Father and check in. Be revived with the outpouring of His Spirit and may He make His face to shine upon His servants and teach them His law (Verse 135).



Not someone else’s shoes rather someone else’s perspective.


I picked up the iPad and decided to read what I had blogged a few years ago. As I re-read some of the blogs my heart began to ache, I was overwhelmed with the desire to return to this time of my life where I walked so intimately with Him. I read the blog reminding us that YHWH IS now and He said “I am” not “I was”. As I read on I came to the blog titled, “You want me to do what??” and this resonated with me.

That overwhelming feeling I experienced when I read through the blogs was from the perspective of feeling guilty that I was not writing in my journal. I am currently writing a thesis and while I still spend intimate time at His feet, journal writing has somewhat been put on hold (until now).  I had to take off the guilty glasses (an analogy) and look at where I was then (recovering from cancer) and where I am now. I need to see things from a different perspective.  I have a friend, she is my sister in Christ and I love her dearly. She has gifts that make my head spin. She dreams and has visions that she is able to sketch and she sees things from such a different perspective. I often pray asking for visions and dreams too. The answer to my prayers was not what I expected. I write, I see things and write, I hear and write. The journey I am on with my studies involves writing…lots of writing.  I was discussing this desire to see visions with YHWH and my answer was a question, “Do you have visions in words or pictures? Which perspective do you understand better?” The answer is not hard for me…words. So I suppose this is it, what is your perspective? How do you see others, through which lens? You can see others and their situations from the lens of the world and this generally is from a condemnation or judgemental perspective. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself through the lens of the world too making you discontent, critical or proud? When we see things through the lens of Yeshua, we have love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, the list goes on.

What has this to do with perspective? Well, there is a saying that you can only understand someone else’s experience if you walk a mile in their shoes. I don’t think that we can understand what someone else is going through, and I am not sure that we are supposed to understand either. It is a very one dimensional view to consider another human being’s experiences by standing in their shoes. Shoes are on the feet and very far from the heart. I would argue that to truly understand what someone else is going through we need to have their perspective, that is, understand their emotions, where they are with YHWH, comprehend their state of mind and then maybe we could start to experience what they are experiencing.

From a young child I have had a sight impairment which means that I have 20% vision in one of my eyes. When you have something like this you learn to judge distance with one eye, you learn from others that there is a third dimension that you have not seen because you have no depth perception. For you to close one eye and assume you understand what I see will never replicate my perception. I have adapted and have learnt how and where to position myself. I look at things and often wonder what it looks like for someone else. The point is, that instead of trying to view things from the perspective of others, should we not view all things from the perspective of YHWH? This includes ourselves! We are His creation, He desires to have a relationship, an intimate relationship with His children. What does He see when He looks at you? This can be switched around, how do you see Him? What relationship have you with the Father? Is is one of wonderment and awe?

When you are interested in something, you are able to spot things others may not see. I could see a Rainbow Honey Eater in a tree that others couldn’t. This is not because they were blind, but I am into birds and always on the look out for them. Are you into Yeshua? Do you see the glory of YHWH around you? What perspective do you have when you look at the world?  I love animals and hate cruelty. Animals can be cruel as I have experienced with “my” one-eyed Magpie, Buddy, that I have fallen in love with. She comes around now and again, always under the protective cloak of dusk and I feed her raw mince. She reminds me that we serve a loving Father that cares for the broken-hearted and weak. Others may see Buddy, and shoo her away thinking she is a pesky Magpie, but she is gentle and generous, she has never chased another bird away from her bowl. It is all about perspective, how you look and what you see. Maybe I love her because we share a one-eyed vision of life 🙂

The truth is that YHWH’s ways are not our ways. He is sovereign and above all else. In faith you walk in obedience to Him knowing that He has plan for your life, a plan for good and not for evil (Jeremiah 29:11). Yeshua in obedience to the Father, paid a price that we can never truly comprehend. In paying this price we are able to approach YHWH. YHWH works all things for the good of those that love Him. In Christ we are strong – the opposite of this would be in myself I am weak. This knowledge is faith and the perspective from which we approach life, seeking His will, knowing His loving-commitment and that above all Father is good. It is that simple, not a complicated perspective at all.


John Bevere delivered a sermon called “Trembling at His Word”. Do we know to tremble in the presence of the King? YHWH is omnipotent so that would mean that you continually tremble. John Bevere explains this so well, it is the fear of the Lord. One of the seven Spirits before the throne of YHWH is the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. This fear is not from the perspective of a naughty child trembling as he/she approaches the wrath of an angry parent. No, it is from the perspective is from a redeemed child of the Most High Elohim. One of awe, respect, love and obedience in righteousness. A fear of not being in His will, a fear of not being in His presence, at His feet.

YHWH, I ask forgiveness for not consistently trembling at Your Word, for not always seeing myself as Your daughter. I ask that as Yeshua healed the eyes of the blind, You would heal my eyes. Give me eyes that see the truth, that see Your glory and wonderment.  I ask that You would open my eyes to Your Word, that You would fill me with Your Spirit so that my perspective is Your will. Amen

A Journey

We often refer to our spiritual walk with Yeshua, but recently I have been pondering the use of the word ‘walk’. Is it not rather a journey?

When one goes for a walk, it is normally a short activity that can be done on a whim. It is not something that we plan months in advance. We may walk our dog, walk around the block or walk on the beach. These are short trips, trips that generally are dictated by the weather and your mood.

A journey on the other hand is something that we plan to undertake. It involves some form of preparation to ensure that we arrive at the planned destination on time and with what is required. A journey may involve walking, but in modern society journeys generally involve different modes of transport depending on the destination and purpose. So I started to ponder and question if I was walking with Yeshua or on a journey with Yeshua.

When Moses was instructed by YHWH to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, his journey started. In Exodus 4:24 we read that on the ‘journey’ to Egypt, Moses and his family stopped for the night. Moses was confronted by YHWH as his son had not been circumcised and for Moses to continue and succeed on his journey, he needed to ensure that he was completely obedient and submissive to the instruction and directions from the Most High. Commentary explains the circumcision not having taken place as his wife was not from Israel and Moses had not been part of Israel for many years. For Moses to continue on the journey and reach the destination he had to remove any obstacle in obedience to YHWH.

As we journey with the Most High we are to ensure that we walk in obedience to Him, that we are following His instructions and directions. This is part of remaining in relationship with Him, ridding ourselves of sin and purifying ourselves during the journey. This will ensure that we will be able to complete the journey and run the race so that we will reach the end and receive our reward. Moses was given instructions from YHWH that the Israelites had to follow closely prior to their journey into the desert. In Exodus 12 we read a recount of the instructions, but let us pay careful attention to verse 11, “Wear your travelling clothes as you eat this meal, as though prepared for a long journey. Wear your sandals and carry your walking sticks in your hands. Eat the food quickly, for this is the Lord’s Passover.” In this chapter they were given instructions for partaking in the Passover, this was a prophesy of what Yeshua would do for us and is another message on its own. I am not minimising this, but for this message wish to focus on journeying.

Verse 11, makes it very clear that going on a journey is more than a walk in the park. It involves preparing clothing, footwear and nutrition. It involves planning for requirements and then taking a set route. If you don’t take a route you will go around in circles and never get anywhere. The journey is mapped out, it is planned and has a destination. Your life has been mapped out and planned – Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for your”, says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” What we need to ask ourselves is our we appropriately clothed for this journey? Do we sit at the table of the Lord and partake in Breaking of Bread? Do we clothe ourselves in the Armour of God? Do we hold the two-edged sword in our hands? Are we merely walking without really knowing what we are doing or are we on journey?

Sometimes a journey involves stopping over, residing in places for periods and the journey itself may vary in time. When Moses left Egypt with the Israelites the intent was to make their way to the Promised Land. However the Israelites complained about YHWH and were disobedient, as punishment a whole generation died in the wilderness and the journey took an extra 40 years (Numbers 14: 26-44). I have to ask myself how many times have I added extra travelling to my journey because of my disobedience and lack of trust? Moses sets the ultimate example in Exodus 34:13-23. In this text we read a conversation between Moses and YHWH Most High. Moses asks for clear directions so that he can follow YHWH’s will exactly, Moses does not want to assume or guess – he wants to hear and succeed. Moses states that he does not want to make a single step without YHWH. Moses was seeking the direction, instruction and divine will of YHWH on the journey. This is what we should be doing, not merely going on our merry way, doing what we think…not we should be doing what we are instructed, directed to do. You and I were not accidentally dropped into the world, we were created in the image of the Most High for a purpose. We have that plan to fulfill and unless you are clothed, fed and following the map you are not fulfilling that purpose. We need to plan our journey, stop and ask YHWH Most High, “What is it that  You have planned for me to do? Please show me Your intentions so I will understand You more fully and do exactly what You want me to do.” (Exodus 34:13).

Sometimes we hear clearly from the Father, but our human understanding chooses our way because it may seem easier, sometimes it makes more sense. The Israelites were disobedient and it added to their journey, a 40 year detour through a small desert and they never entered the destination. I have come to realise that often what seems ridiculous or impossible is the divine will of YHWH. If we think something is impossible then we are doing so because we are weak, unable to comprehend and it is in this place that we are weak and when we are weak, He is strong. We let ourselves be guided and directed because we can’t see a way as a human, so we allow Him within us to work through us for the glory of the Father.

Where are you right now? Taken a wrong turn? Wandering around lost with no idea how to get back on track? The good news is that our Father never slumbers nor sleeps, that He is omnipresent and omnipotent, Almighty in unconditional love for you. Yeshua told the parable of the lost son. A young man that seemed to have it all planned, in human wisdom squandered his inheritance and ended up in a heap of despair. The boy realised the folly of his ways, he recognised his mistakes and returned home, to the father to ask for forgiveness. He humbly returned, expecting nothing. He was lost and broken, this is what the father saw and he welcomed him home and reinstated him into the household. Our Father is like this, He is lovingly-committed to His children and He is waiting for us to realise we need Him, to return to Him and repent of our disobedience so that He can restore and redirect us onto the path. We come to Him by acknowledging His Son, Yeshua. Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the Father but through  Him.

Yeshua is the Lamb of God, His blood saves and sets you apart. Yeshua walked the Earth, He knows what causes us to stray from the path (map) and get lost on our journey. Yeshua has already paid the price for your redemption, He is looking at you from your destination, not from where you are. Walk toward Him, one step at a time like a child walks toward their father’s open arms. Yeshua sees the obstacles and has His hands ready to catch you if you should stumble, He is ready to carry you over the difficult patches.

Father, I pray Your Set-Apart Spirit of Truth would reveal Your instructions for the journey we are on. I pray that we would not move one single step without You, that each step will bring us closer to You and that we would bring You honour and exalt Your name as we journey homewards.


Branching out.

Ezekiel 15

John 15

Branches and fruit.

Ezekiel brought a prophesy against the nation of Israel for being dead in their relationship with God. The nation was not bearing fruit, they were not worshipping YHWH and had stopped producing spiritual fruit. Ezekiel’s prophesy came along in a time when there were a lot of false prophets that tickled the ears of the nation, saying things  that they felt to say, not that they were given to say by Elohim. There was a lack of fear and awe for YHWH and a great deal of self-importance that lead to idolatry by both men and women.

In the prophesy Israel is compared to a fruitless vine, the branches are deemed useless as they do not bear fruit and the wood can’t be fashioned into tools or implements. The branches are not even thought of as fire wood as they burn too quickly, therefore they are discarded and burnt as waste. In John 15: 1-8, Yeshua uses the same comparison and talks of branches that are useless as being piled up and burnt. Yeshua tells us that YHWH will cut off dead and useless branches and throw them into the fire, Ezekiel prophesied the same, he even said that those that escaped the fire would be burnt for sure. This was a dismal prophesy for the nation.

Let us for a moment consider what the nation had done that caused the branches to die. In Ezekiel 3:7 we read that the people had become hard-hearted and stubborn. They had stopped listening to YHWH, stopped obeying Him and therefore no longer followed Him. A song comes to mind, “I’m doing it my way”. The nation had taken to following their own gods, listening to ear tickling prophesy – things that they wanted to hear because it suited them. They had built alters and shrines to worship idols.

In Ezekiel 7: 10 we pick up on words such as wickedness, violence, pride.

Ezekiel 7:14 – ‘no one listens’. Ezekiel 7:19-20 – mention of wealth that was being used to create idols. Yeshua did warn that man can’t serve two masters, it is either mammon or YHWH. There are further references made in Ezekiel 12: 2 & 24 to rebelliousness and listening to prophets that told of false visions and made false predictions.

Ezekiel 13:2 & 17 refers to false prophets bringing words of their own, not from YHWH and deceiving the nation. There is mention of women as false prophets with their magic charms.

Even when Ezekiel demonstrated physically what the impact of the prophesies he received from YHWH would have on the nation, they still did not turn from their ways. The prophecy that Ezekiel brought was not an ear tickler and the hearts of the nation were hard. We may very well stand back and judge this nation, but that is dangerous to do because if we examine our own life we may find some of these attitudes and actions in our own hearts. I may be harbouring stubbornness, not wanting to let something go or not wanting to forgive and forget. Holding on to the past and allowing it to fester and eat away at the sap in my branch, making us unbearable to be around and not bearing fruit. There may be a sense of self-importance and pride in what we have achieved with no recognition given to YHWH for the provision of the opportunities and talents. I did it my way, it is my way or the highway? This is a spirit of stubborness and rebellion.

We don’t drive past houses and see big shrines in the garden depicting the family idols, but there are idols in our lives. They could be jobs, family, cars, possessions….the list goes on. An idol is anything that gets more time devoted to it than YHWH, it is that thing that keeps you from priorities, from serving and obeying. Should we not have possessions and take care of them? Is our family not our responsibility? Yes, and the Father gives us many things, but when you lose focus, when these things become your reason for living and stop you from spending undistracted time with Him then it is time to check where our priorities lie. Chasing a dream can become an obsession and quickly turn into an idol, where you devote all your time in trying to make it happen, instead of letting YHWH guide you and show you what His dream is for you. When you achieve something and know that you did not do it alone, but by the strength of Jesus will guard your heart and mind against pride and self-importance.

In John 15 Yeshua tells us how to be branches that bear fruit. This passage is the good news, it is not a prophecy of doom, but an encouragement to living a fruitful and blessed life. Yeshua is the vine, He is the root to our lives in Him. He refers to YHWH as the gardener that tends the branches on the vine by pruning. Some branches are pruned back so that they will grow strong and produce more fruit, others are cut off from the vine because they are useless and dead.. as in Ezekiel 15. We have a passion fruit vine and I regularly prune and retrain branches so that the vine produces a good crop and the branches remain where I want them to grow. This is how the Father prunes us, He chops off the bits that are getting a bit wild, the ones that are straying off on their own and He puts them back on the right track again. The branches that remain on the vine feed off the sap that runs from the vine, we that are in the vine are fed by the Word of God and guided by the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth. This is live-giving and the fruit we produce is found in Galatians 5:22 – love, joy, patience, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Yeshua tells us that people we know we belong to Him by the fruit that we bear. These fruits are opposite to what causes branches to die.

Yeshua urges us to remain in Him, to obey Him and to produce fruit that will last. In John 15:16 there is a promise that if we act in and out of the knowledge that we have been chosen and appointed by Yeshua, the Father will give you whatever you ask in Yeshua’s name. If you are joined to the vine you will love others, serve the Lord and want the best for others around you. You will want to honour and bring glory to the Lamb above all, you will know where everything you have comes from, that the plans of the Father are to give you an expectancy and future, that they are good. When you pray from this knowledge your prayers are not self-seeking or full of pride, they are prayers for others in love and in line with the will of the Father for glorification of the Son.

There is no room for idolatry, because we know that all we have comes from Him, all we are is because of Him and all we will be is because of Him. We boast in Christ alone. Remaining in Him means living with Him, praying and reading the Word, walking like a child in wonderment and awe at all He has planned and set apart for us, in the now and in the Everlasting. It is not always rosey and plain sailing but we have the hope and assurance that He, YHWH is omnipresent, omnipotent and loving-committed to those He calls friends and children.

Oh Father, search my heart and reveal to me those areas that I am stubborn about, remove the hard-heartedness from me and break down the shrines I have built around me that hinders me from being all I can be for You. Please do not severe me from the vine, but prune and retrain me, filling me with Your Set-Apart- Spirit of Truth that I may bear fruit and bring glory to the Son.



Walking like a child.


We walk every day, it is a way of moving from one area to another. Some find it hard to walk, others forget how to walk and run everywhere. There are some of us that unfortunately can’t walk and we rely on the walking of others to assist us. Walking, once learnt, is something that we do without thinking about it. We get up and head in a direction with purpose and walking is part of meeting a goal.

The purpose of our walk will determine the pace and speed, the urgency of our mission will govern the effort we apply to the walk. When we are late we rush and to make it on time, if we have minutes to spare we may amble and stop along the way. Even people that walk to keep fit vary their pace to ensure that they keep their heart rate up in the zone. Because we don’t think about walking I suspect we take a lot for granted and it has taken walking with my two year old granddaughter to make me realise how important walking is, not only physically but spiritually.

We all know that we are walking with our Lord Yeshua, that the Word of YHWH is a light to our path. But I question how we see this walk and how we relate physical walking with that of our spiritual walk. When we start off we are wobbly and unsteady on our feet, all young Christians wobbly a little until they find the foundational truth of faith and relationship with Yeshua. As a child we toddle along and then discover that if we move our feet faster we can run. Parents stand by our side and shudder at our lack of perception to space and depth – much like our Heavenly Father has done on numerous occassions when we have galloped off at our own speed without regard to His caution. We reach an age when we can move more independently, we still may walk off things or into things as we may be distracted and blinded – sound familiar to our spiritual walk as well?

Then the day arrives and you are a parent, you watch with much pride and anxiety as your precious child learns to master the skill of walking and negotiate life. Your walking turns into running as you run after them for a few years – as parents our prayer life picks up speed, I believe, when we have kids we do a lot more knee-time than me-time. It is not long and you walk them down the aisle allowing you to return to a walk again.

Grandchildren arrive and this time you learn to walk in a new way. There is a new depth and perspective to walking. By now you are more mature, you may think differently about things, ponder a little longer (that is if you can remember what you are pondering about). When grandchildren come along they teach you lessons you had forgotten about, they make you look at things you took for granted. Because we are not running after them trying to teach them everything – parents do that – it frees us up to learn with them and from them. Paul talks about being mature and not needing milk to feed from, I have been thinking about this and think that this is when I matured and realised I am mature – not perfect and not arrived, but maturing like good cheese.

My precious granddaughter has new eyes, she sees things for the first time, she is awed by what she discovers and gets excited by little things. Walks with her can’t be rushed because then we would miss the flowers, bugs, ants and seedpods. No, we need to linger and investigate while collecting information in wonderment at the creation around us. She stops at a lavender bush and asks, “Nanna Birdie, what is this one?” I take a leaf and rub it between my fingers and the scent of lavender fills the air. She becomes excited and filled with wonderment, she sniffs the leaf and declares, “That is awesome! I want some.” Right there, she wants some of what I have shown her. Do you get excited about things in your walk with Yeshua and ask for some? The sad thing is that for years I have walked passed that bush and not stopped to smell a leaf, not been blessed by the scent contained within the leaf – something I took for granted. How many blessings, gifts and promises do we pass in our reading of the Word, do we pass when we shrug off encouragement?

My precious one hears the sound of a bird, she will stop and look up. A feather in the grass is investigated, a butterfly followed with fascination and awe at the beauty and flight. She flaps her arms and will sing her own song about flying in the sky like a ‘butterby’. Where is your imagination? Do we hear and actually stop to listen or do we rush off? She has made me realise that taking a walk is an adventure, a discovery. It is a time to observe and listen, a time of wonderment and awe at the creation around her. She will often look up at me, touch my hands and say, “Nanna, fly like butterby with me.” She wants to dance with me, sing with me and I don’t care what the world thinks, I flap my arms and sing with her twirling and laughing while we are on our walk. Another truth about walking – our Father is a lovingly-committed Father and He gave His all for us. He loves us to dance and sing with Him, don’t box YHWH into a God of rules and regulations. Utimately He desires us to enjoy His creation, enjoy life and live exalting Him.

I am not suggesting we should stop every time we see a flower, but rather that we should check our spiritual walk. Is your walk with Elohim one that is rushed, more like a timed march to the sound of a worldly drum? Is it prattle time when we rush off lists of demands and not stop to listen or heed to His answers? Do we see the beauty of what He has prepared for us or is that lost in the hurry of the day?

We need to stoop (bow down) to discover treasures in the Word, we need to ask YHWH, “Father, what is this one?” We need to walk and become excited when we realise or discover something by exclaiming, “Wow, that is awesome, can I have some?” We need to become excited in our innermost being by the realisation that He loves more than words can tell. It is important that we find that undistracted, quiet place to amble with Him, to learn to stop and listen. To ask Him to dance with you, be a butterfly.

YHWH walked in the garden with Adam, this was a time of sharing and relationship building. Adam would have spoken to YHWH about the creation, asked what is this one? Walking with Yeshua implies just that, with – together not alone. When my granddaughter tugs at my hand and tells me she wants to go for a walk she will say, “Come Nanna, let’s go for a walk please. Come Nanna.” Sometimes she will even try and put on my shoes for me. She waits at the door and does not go off on her own, she will take my hand and walk with me. If she does wander ahead she stops and looks back to make sure I am there. When she feels unsafe or threatened she knows that I am there, that I will protect her at all costs – she is mine and I love her unconditionally. She doesn’t scream or panic, she runs up to me with her arms out stretched and tells me she needs a ‘cuggle’. When she is tired she will ask to be carried. This is the third and biggest lesson I have learnt about walking with my Father.

This darling little girl knows that I love her, she does not question my love she does not doubt my love, she just knows it! Oh that I would have the same faith in YHWH!!!!! Why don’t I consider the Father’s love in this way? Yeshua said that we should have the faith of a child and for years I have battled to understand what this may mean. For me the penny has dropped. It is accepting that unconditional love, it is knowing that we are precious to Him, that Yeshua has died for us. It is knowing that we are the chosen bride of Christ and the set-apart people. We need to walk like a child, in awe and wonderment at what has been planned for us, trusting without question that our Father will never leave us, will dance with us and share His knowledge with us when we ask for ‘some’.

I know that as my granddaughter grows up our walks will change and conversations will be different, but that is the process of maturing. I will never be too old to dance with her though, never too old to smell flowers together and never too old to love her. Besides I have a baby grandson that is going to want to discover the lavender bush – how exciting!!

YHWH, I thank you Father for grandchildren and ask that You will dance with me, that You will make my heart like a childs again so that I can be full of wonderment at the plans You have for me. That I may have a fresh realisation of how deep Your unconditional love is for me.heart


Crawl, walk, run

crawl run

It is with pride that we wait and watch our young crawl, this is the first stage of movement and is an essential stage for coordination. It is when we learn how to move our arms and legs together. Crawling soon gives way to a ‘monkey’ walk, many children will raise themselves off their knees and walk on their hands and feet – bottoms raised in the air. This stage is where they are gaining confidence and then they shuffle from stationary objects until that moment of independence when they let go of all support and stumble forward – and are walking. Soon walking becomes a voluntary process that eventuates in running, skipping, hopping and dancing.

It can be an easy analogy to our spiritual life in that we are rendered incapable before we meet Yeshua, we are so tied up in our bondage and sin that we can’t move freely. When we start our relationship with YHWH we crawl, Paul refers to the eating stages of infants and relates this to our maturity. Hebrews 5: 13-14: “For everyone partaking of milk is inexperienced in the Word of Righteousness, for he is a babe. (14) But solid food is for the mature whose senses have been trained by practice to discern both good and evil.”  We all need to crawl before we can walk, we need to dig deep into the Word to align our spiritual being with that of the Almighty so we are set-apart from the world. It is during this time that we focus on becoming strong and get the coordination sorted out. From crawling we start to walk, never alone but guided in the strength of the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth, holding the hand of our beloved Yeshua. When we can walk in confidence and certainty we can run the race (read Run, Run) and set our sight on the incorruptible crown.

This is but one aspect of learning the skill of walking. I want to focus on the parent in the picture. When a baby starts to crawl the parent takes great care in ensuring that things are safe for the little one. Items are lifted up higher as they are not suitable for that youngster yet. There may be areas in the house that the baby can’t get into yet as the skills for navigating this area have not been developed. Once baby starts walking the parent hands are never far from the child, hovering in place to catch and comfort should the child fall. Hands that are there to pick up and restore confidence, encourage and motivate to continue strengthening legs and balance. YHWH does not slumber nor sleep, He watches us and sees every small detail, He is waiting for us to grab on to Him and to seek His guidance as we walk. He will never let you be somewhere that you can’t cope,  it may feel like you are not ready to take on stairs, but you need to learn how to deal with one step so you can climb the stairs ahead. If a child that has learnt to walk decides to wander off and hide, he/she has that choice and freedom through the independence that walking brings. However if a child calls out to a parent for help, they are found quickly. Yeshua told us the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin to let us know that if we call out He will come and find us where we are.

Yesterday’s blog was about running so I am not going to discuss this in great detail. I would like to add a few things though. You can’t set off running without direction, your map should match that of the plan for your life – a plan that has been set-apart for you by the Almighty, Most High. In Jeremiah 29:11 we read, “For I know the plans I am planning for you,’ declares YHWH,’plans of peace and not of evil to give you a future and an expectancy”. Another scripture written by Paul in Ephesians 2: 10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Messiah Yeshua unto good works, which Elohim prepared beforehand that we should WALK in them.”

These verses speak not only of a Father that is there to guide His children, but of a Lovingly-Committed Elohim that prepares the walk/run for His beloved sons and daughters. This walk has obstacles and difficult bits, but when we trust in His strength and not try to do these bits on our own, there is victory and growth. Remember that Paul stated that he needed to be severe with his body, making it his slave.Yeshua stated that He is the WAY, Truth and Life. Messiah Yeshua died so that you and I could walk and run in freedom, without bondage. So that we could run the race of life bringing Him the glory, so to gain the uncorruptible crown. The cliche is, ‘no pain, no gain’.

When we see those around us that forget how to walk in grace, forget how to walk with the Lord or have wandered off and hidden themselves and are unsure of how to call out, we need to be the hands that gently and lovingly guide them back, that help them regain their balance without judgmentally knocking them off their feet. Being aware that the Master plan for their lives is not what we may envisage, we need to carry these brothers and sisters to the Feet of Yeshua and place them there. One of my favourite miracles is when the four friends carried their lame friend and lowered him through the roof to the feet of Yeshua. Yeshua looked up and saw their faith, that is inspiring. NEVER underestimate your faith when you bring people to the Feet of Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua healed many lame people, there are spiritually lame people all around us that need healing.

You can’t run from the arms of the Saviour – we are running, walking or crawling to get into His arms. Help those around you join in the race.

YHWH, help me to walk in Your way, help me to love the path of righteousness and to remain on the way that you have planned for me. If I stray off the road, pull me back. I pray that You would set brothers and sisters around me that would not ignore my stumbling but gently convict me by shining the Light of Your Son on my path. May you use me to gently and lovingly bring those that are spiritually lame to the Feet of Yeshua where there is healing and peace. Amen

Run, run…

untitled (3)    How many times have we heard the word, ‘run’? It has become the catch phrase for movies…”Run Forrest, run!” and Forrest Gump ran straight across America. He had no reason, he just did what he was told, run. There are children’s stories that involve a great deal of running, my favourite has to be “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man.” Poor fella, if he had kept on running and not rested upon the snout of a fox, he may very well still be running.

As a teacher I am forever telling students to stop running or they may hurt themselves. We make a run for it when it starts raining or we need to take a gap. Someone may make the coffee run for morning tea. Running is part of what we do. Sometimes we run around like a lost chicken, we run away, run to, run from, run into, run under and over or are run over. Running is not unfamiliar to any of us. In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, Paul writes the following.

(24)Do you not know that those who run in a race indeed all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way as to obtain it. (25) And everyone who competes controls himself in every way. Now they do it to receive a corruptible crown, but we for an incorruptible crown. (26) Therefore I run accordingly, not with uncertainty. Thus I fight not as one who beats the air. (27) But I treat my body severely and make it my slave, lest having proclaimed to others, I myself might be rejected.

I am not going to proclaim that I am a great athlete, by no means, but I do enjoy running. I recall as a little girl accompanying my dear Uncle Harvey to his races. He would sit in the car and eat a few bars of chocolate, down some water and be pumped. In my mind at that time I began to think that if you wanted to eat a lot of chocolate all you had to do was run…impressionable years. Uncle Harvey would run for hours, he would run up a mountain pass in Cape Town called Ou Kaapse Weg (Old Cape Way) just for fun. He would be up and out before our dreams had ended. I can never recall him moaning about pain or cramps and the only memory I have of him injuring himself was when he ran into a speed bump in the dark – it was a massive mound of dirt across the road and he came off second best. He made me think that running was not hard on the body. I now know better.

When you run you need gear, good running shoes that support your feet. Running shoes are essentials when running and bad shoes can cause you hours of pain and bring you grief. Then there are clothes, comfy clothing that does not restrict your movement, some runners use clothing that supports the muscles, compression clothing. I always have a giggle when I see ‘fashion runners’ they are dressed to the nines in the latest active wear and smell as if they have just walked out of perfume shop but there is no intent to run the race, they are merely parading. I am of the opinion that when you really run not even a good outfit can make you look good, it becomes sweaty and smelly and generally runners are red-faced sticky beings that nobody wants to be too close to – depending on distance and intensity of the run.

The best bit of gear I bought was a sports watch that keeps track of my steps (cadence), distance, speed and heartrate. This watch tracks me using GPS and keeps record of each run. The feature that makes this watch an essential running companion is it monitors my heart beat. You see we can all run, but if you start getting into running you soon discover it is a science all on its own. The best way to get fit is to monitor your heart rate and to stay within a zone. This got me thinking about my walk with Yeshua.

Paul tells us to run the race so to win it. He goes on to say that we need to control ourselves in every way to gain the incorruptible crown and to run with a certainty. I started to think about the way I run, the things I do and then equated that to my spiritua life. When you set out for a run, you have an idea, a goal, of where you want to run to, personally if I am going to run a 12km then I can visualise the turning point, the road and the paths that I will take. I have to get my head straight and make sure I am ready to run that distance. You don’t get up and decide that 12km sounds like a cool number and off you go. If you are a marathon runner then 12km is a warm up distance before you get into the real run – each of us runs to achieve a goal (runs to win). We are all at different stages in life, different stages of maturity in our walk with YHWH. What I am trying to communicate it is that you start a run with certainty, you have a goal in mind and you set out to achieve that goal (distance). I am of the opinion that too many of us doubt the power of the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth working through us. We are not certain about the power of our standing as sons and daughters of the Living Most High, we doubt ourselves and doubt our ability in Christ Jesus and because we are uncertain we don’t run.  Jesus said to His disciples (to us) in John 14:12-13, “The truth is, anyone who believes in Me will do the same works I have done and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask anything in My Name, and I will do it because the work of the Son brings glory to the Father.”

When you start running it is not easy, you find even a kilometer an effort. But if you strap on a heart rate monitor it is easier. You work out where your heart rate should be and for six weeks you keep your heart rate within a zone. Soon you are going further and faster and your heart beats within that zone – you are becoming fitter. To become fit you do need to persevere and push your body through cramps and soreness, but it is all part of making your body able to run the race. This is the control that Paul speaks of. It is hard when your legs are jelly and you just want to stop, but what a feeling of elation when you manage to push through, even if it means you walk a while, but you keep on moving towards your goal. I spoke to someone in training for an ironman and he told me that when he trains he sometimes runs past two lamp posts then walks until the next one, sometimes we just need to catch our breath.

One morning I got up and decided to do a 15km run. I knew where I was running to and had my gear. I knew where my turn-around point was so 7.5km out I still felt great and decided to run on a bit. At 9km I became enthusiastic and thought that just 1km would give me 20km. I had never thought that this distance was possible, but now it seemed in my sight. I made the 10km turning point and was feeling very proud, after all I had run 10km many times. The punishment lay ahead though, 10km home. I had water stops on the way back and knew that every step was a step closer to home. I had no mobile phone with me, besides hubby had gone cycling so there was not rescue. I just had to dig deep and as Paul writes, “treat my body severely and make it my slave.” I run along cliffs in the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, so the scenery distracted me from the pain. Then at 19.5km I hit the wall. I was running behind a couple walking their dog, the getnleman kept on stepping aside to make room for me to pass, but I just could not pass. Eventually they stopped and as I shuffled past them I managed to utter, ” I have no energy left”. The next 500m were agonising. I had to talk to myself, out loud, to keep going. I could feel the cramps and felt very light-headed. Then the house loomed ahead and I knew I was going to make it home. After a shower, some muscle rub and a few litres of water I began to feel better. You see I had not prepared myself for that distance. I had not hydrated my body the day before, had not eaten enough and although I was not stiff or sore from the run, had not prepared my feet and ended up losing a toenail and another one badly bruised.

Running is not only about the gear and moving our legs, keeping your heart rate in a zone, but it is more importantly abut feeding yourself so you have the energy to go the distance. It is about stocking up with healthy foods, drinking lots of water and having snacks with you that will sustain your energy levels and support you on the run. Jesus told us that we can’t live on bread alone, we need to eat from the Living Word, drink from the Streams of Life. We can’t run the race without sustaining our spirit with His Word, withouth being Spirit filled. In Ephesians 6 we read about putting on the amour of Elohim so that we can stand against wickedness and have power to run and recieve an uncorruptible crown. So when you think of running a spiritual race, gird your waist with Truth, put on a breast plate of righteousness, for shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News, so that you will be fully prepared. Take up the shield of belief so that you have power to quench all the burning arrows of the wicked one, take up the helmet of deliveranceand the sword of the Spirit, which is the Words of Elohim. This is the ‘gear’ that is given to us as children of the Most High, we just need to put it on. It is not fashioned by the world, it may not be cool, but it is what will help you run a race, a race that leads Home where your uncorruptible crown awaits you. Some Christians wear armour that has been remodelled to make it seem more fashionable, but they are parading. I have many times worn this and I fall short daily, but the Loving-commitment of YHWH and His amazing grace sets me on the right path again, once I recognised and repent.

There is also something speacial about having a heart rae monitor. I believe we should all be close enough to YHWH to hear His Heart, to know His Heart and that He should smile when He hears our heartbeat for His cause and Loving-committment to us. We need to be intune to the Father’s Heart, we can only do this by being close to His heart. You wear a heart rate moinitor on your chest, this way you get an accurate reading. To be  close the YHWH’s heart we need to spend time in His prescence, we need to listen, to feel and to be alert.

Make my steps fall in line with Your way and will. May my heart beat in Your zone, to Your beat. As I run this race may I fill my  spirit with Your Truth, drink from steams of living water. May I run the race and make it Home to receive my uncorruptible crown. Amen






Butterflies and life

10915312_10203528529797264_5935322475178477257_n     10917269_10203528530717287_2337447175322483515_n   I was walking on the beach one morning. The tide was going out and I decided to wet my feet. The water was warm and I remember thinking how gentle it was, yet how dangerous this same water could be. It was then that ‘Roxy’ caught my eye. Lying in the sand, right where the waves were washing the shore, was a beautiful butterfly. It lay covered with sand, perfect in every other way. I bent down to pick it up, the beauty of its wings caught my attention and I recalled thinking how sad it was that this little butterfly had been caught flying too close to the water. I cupped my hands to protect the butterfly from the wind as my intention was to take a photograph. As I continued my walk I started to think of how YHWH cups us in His hands. How we were all dead and covered in sin because we had been too close to compromise, we had danced with the world so to say. I recall thinking that His grace is so amazing, to think that we have life within us because of what Yeshua did for us. It was at this point that I felt a slight movement in my hand, I was so excited and peeped in to see little legs moving…life within us, God does not want one single one of us to perish, but He offers us life through His Son. If I have been given life, I am able to give life through Him. I was very excited at the prospect of what was going on inside my hand and more so inside my spirit.

I approached a tap and very gently rinsed off the sand from the wings. The fresh water did wonders….come all you who are thirsty and drink from the Living Waters. I took her home and gently placed her on some roses that I had in the dining room. I mixed a bit of honey and water and proceeded to drip this on a rose petal, to my amazement the little proboscis unfolded and the butterfly started to drink. I began to think of how we need to drink in the Word, “Your Word is like honey on my lips..” “Drink all you who are thirsty..” Honey is a miracle liquid that is known for healing properties, we have access to the body of Christ that was broken so we can claim healing in our spirit, mind and body.

I watched with great care and checked on Roxy, periodically offering my honey/water mixture. I was amazed to see her stretch her wings and even flap them. She started to move around the roses and would rest on them so delicately. The honey (Word of God) brings healing to those that believe and we are to wash ourselves in the Living Waters. I was reminded in my inner-most being of the grace and mercy of God, His love for us that knows no bounds, an unconditional love. This tiny creature was witnessing to my spirit and the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth was revealing the character and grace of the Father to me, now to you.

It came to the end of our stay and I had to go back to our home, this was the second day and Roxy was still very much alive. I carefully wrapped the roses and placed them in a container that allowed me to strap them, and Roxy, into the backseat of my car. Our Father God does the same, He protects us and if we allow Him to, He places us where we are safe…He takes us to places where He knows we will be in His presence and where we will be secure. Roxy could have flown off those roses, but she was dependent and because of her dependence I was able to protect her from the birds, ants and heat…how many times do we not stray from the protection of the Father, our choice in disobedience to follow our will – not His. Yeshua faced death, but His words were, “Thy will, not Mine.”

Once back home I was able to show my granddaughter and daughters this beautiful butterfly. They were taken aback with the beauty of the wings and it made me wonder how many times we don’t share Yeshua with others because we are uncomfortable…yet He is beautiful, that is why we cherish Him, love Him and serve Him. We are keeping beauty beyond human understanding from others. I experienced this six weeks ago and yet am only sharing it now?!

One day I returned home from running an errand and could not find the butterfly. I immediately started searching for it and was overjoyed when I found her on the other side of the room. She seemed weak and when I offered her honey/water she immediately started to drink. This reminded me that we often think we can do things on our own, flying off on our own will and want. This may land us in difficult or dangerous situations (spiritually, mentally or physically), but the Father wants us to remain with Him and He will look for you should you take off. He will pick you up and offer you His grace and forgiveness, you must accept it though and drink it in making it part of your being.

Roxy lived for five days, she eventually died as all things do, but she gave me life through witness. I gave her life through offering her protection, honey and water. I should be more generous with my ‘honey and water’ and offer it to those that I can see seem weighed down, are lying lifeless on the sands of life, have flown off and are lost…sometimes these people are not way out there, they are right under our noses. They are the fabric of our lives, friends, family and neighbours. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bear witness to Who we serve, Who we are filled with and Whom loves us unconditionally…always watching, ready to give us ‘honey-water’ and protect us…All we need to do is stay in His presence and drink from the Living Water.

Father, I ask that just as this beautiful butterfly entered my life for a short time and witnessed to me of Your grace and love, may I witness to others and share Your beauty. For Your honour and Your glory. Amen


Guard His ways and delight in Him


Read Samuel 22:20-23

In these verses we read of what Adoni did –

* He brought me out; delivered me; delighted in me; rewarded me and repaid me.

YHWH does these things for His children and it is according to your righteousness(through Christ), according to the cleanness of your hands, the way you have guarded the ways of Adoni and not acting wrongly.

Abba Father desires to give us much more, He gives more than we could ever comprehend. We are to delight in His love for us and remain righteous. Remember John 14:23 “If you love Me, you will obey Me. My Father will love you and We will make Our home with you.”

Being righteous in the sight of YHWH is not what man deems righteous. It is about being pure in worship and faith. About serving Him with an undivided heart and pure motives. God delights in those that guard His ways and Word. Those that love His Son and allow the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth to dwell in them. More of Him and less of me. God delights in the humble of heart, those that are totally dependent on His providence and do all things through the strength of  Yeshua for the glory of YHWH.

To guard His way and Word, we must know the way. You can’t guard something that you don’t know about or know where it is. Guarding something implies protecting, keeping safe and close to you. To guard something means that you are willing to lay down, to sacrifice something to keep it safe. The President’s Men are trained in defending the president, they are skilled and have strategies that they use when guarding him, most importantly they are willing to die for him. Are you trained in knowing the Word, will you willingly sacrifice yourself for His Word and way? Do you guard the Word from dust by rubbing a finger over it now and again, is it hidden somewhere safe? The safest spot to hide the Word of God is in your heart, keeping it there and feeding upon it. Checking and measuring your thoughts with the Living Word is a good way of keeping your feet on the Way.

Paul talks of putting on the armour of God – you do need to be dressed appropriately when you are guarding something. Are you able to shield off bullets and attacks for the glory of God? Yeshua took a stake for you.

Delight in the Lord. When I give something to my friends or family, the biggest pleasure is not in the finding or wrapping, but in the unwrapping. Seeing the delight in their faces when they reveal the gift – that is pleasure. Father enjoys it when you delight in His creation, the beauty that He created and gave to us. When is the last time that you really delighted in the beauty of the crashing waves, the sound of a storm, marvelled at the colours of a bird and their ability to soar in the sky. We are quick to moan about the cold wind that whips up sand, the rain that wets washing or cancels a picnic – these are moments of awesome creation.

I love scuba diving or snorkelling. The storm can be whipping up the sea, yet beneath the very same waters in a world of colour and tranquillity. We serve a God that is alive and we need to take our noses out of books, eyes off screens, ears away from music and noise and see His awesomeness – delight in what He has created. When you experience His awesomeness you will hear from Him and then you have something to guard.

Father, You are so amazing and I love You. Don’t hear the words tumbling from my lips, rather see my heart and the delight that I have for You. May I put Your Word deep into my heart so that I may guard Your Word and that the Word will guide me in Your Ways. May I be found righteous in Your sight, because of the blood of Your Son. Amen

A Tree in His Garden


What a glorious day. Nature exalts the Most High God with birdsong, big blue skies that speak of His unending love, trees that sway in the wind, rustling their leaves and playing with the birds. All is alive and so vibrant, bringing glory to the King by being what they were created to be. There are things going on deep down in trees that we can’t even see, but what can be seen makes one stand back and stare in wonderment.

We are a lot like trees, we are all individuals and have a definite purpose to fulfil. God is busy with each one of us, He created us and we are all going through our own little things – often unseen to others. We all have different root systems, varying in depth and width, but we are all rooted in Him. What people see may make them stare in wonderment. Many times in the Bible, Yeshua is referred to as the vine. If a branch is not attached to the vine it can’t produce fruit and is cut off and thrown into the fire. Trees that are not deeply rooted will fall over when storms come and then they need to be disposed off as they are a danger to others. We need to make sure that we are deeply rooted in Biblical truth, deeply attached to YHWH through the blood of Yeshua. Put your roots deep down and drink with great thirst from the Streams of Living Water. A tree that is beside deep waters grows strong and have lovely foliage, bearing good fruit. Likewise, those that are in Christ will reflect His image.

A tree house its own ecosystem and this is important. A tree not only bears fruit and disperses seed to promote the growth of other trees, but it offers shelter to those that need a place of peace, shelter. A tree casts a shadow, cool and unconditional for those that wish to rest in the shade. I have never seen a tree reject a bird or person that tries to rest beneath it. Are you a peaceful tree, sharing and accepting unconditionally? Another thing that trees do really well is prevent soil erosion by holding on very fast t the ground and soil surrounding their root system. The roots prevent the foundations from being washed away and eroded. How tightly do you hold onto the Word of God, do you stand firm and keep it close to your roots, guarding it?

Trees form part of the water cycle too. Not only do they produce oxygen, which we all need to breathe. I digress here but this is so interesting…. when man was created YHWH breathed His breath into the nostrils of man and that is the breath of life. Oxygen is a component of that breath and trees produce it!! Now where was I? Oh, trees not only make Oxygen as a by product, but they also transpire – this means they release water vapour into the atmosphere. This comes from the streams of water they take in through their root system!!! Which would mean that we need to be releasing YHWH into the world, not keeping Him for our own, ‘No man hides a lamp under the bed.’ Do you offer others a drink of this life-giving stream? Do you contribute to watering others in need, who are thirsty?

Then there is the fruit that trees bear. The fruit varies in form, size, purpose and nutrition. Some fruit is only meant for a limited consumption, other fruit is abundant – it matters not, only that fruit is borne and that the glory and esteem belongs to YHWH. When a tree produces fruit it does not hide the fruit, it shares and displays the fruit. Seeds generally come from the fruit and they are dispersed. Trees have a variety of fragrances, not only the blossom, but the wood itself has a distinct fragrance, some trees even produce oil…