imagesCA8LLOF8I use to think that we were all jugs in the Kingdom. That God would poor His anointing into us and then when we ‘overflowed’ we would overflow onto others around us. I was praying about this one day asking God to fill me so I could ‘splash’ others. It was as if he reprimanded me, saying “I don’t waste anointing.” I remember thinking that I had not heard correctly, how could He waste it if He filled me??? Well, needless to say I had to deal with my pride before I could go any further.

God showed me a picture of a funnel that was filling a jar of oil. The hand was holding the vessel steadily over the jar, moving it to the next and so on. Not a drop of oil was spilt or wasted. The pouring was purposeful. God told me that He wanted me to be a funnel, to funnel His love, His mercy, His word to others. He showed me that the mouth of the funnel was covered in oil, a layer of what had been poured through the funnel. When we allow Him to use us as a funnel we receive in fullness and there is always enough for us, what is poured through us remains in us. To be a funnel though you need to be open to Him, His word and Spirit. The storehouses of Heaven are full and Abba Father is waiting to funnel through His people to His people. Be open to receive and give where and when the Hand of God requires.

One thought on “Funnels

  1. Mmmmmm I can so relate to this ! Just beautiful is His words it so sticky like honey and yet so thick but thin ! My soul and spirit longs for more . Thank you for sharing this is rather precious like pearls!


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